Back by popular demand, your childhood (47 Photos)

More awesome nostalgia at imremembering.

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  • Sarah

    OMG – total epic awesomeness

    Takes me back to a time when kids could be kids, tv programmes were ace, the innuendos we so totally didn't get and always wondered why the parents stood there with their cuppa chuckling.
    Awww if only eh – my kids are 10 and already try and act like minature adults.. pfft

    But seriously – #16 …. COlon Blow?? WTF LOL

  • fourTWOzero

    Who remembers the "Book It" club in elementary?!? you would read a certain amount of books as a class, and whoever had the most got a free pizza and party from Pizza Hut!!! Most awesome program ever….i havent heard of it in recent times, which leads me to believe this is the reason we have so many illiterates in the country!

  • bubble_rider86

    yep, my childhood pretty much rocked all of this!!! p.s. i bought a pack of #20 the other day!!!! oh yeah..B)

  • nogophotoq

    completely awesome. you had me at #1.

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  • dave

    Um… not to nitpick or be the buzzkill but Darkwing Duck wasn't part of the 80's. He came along after Ducktales in the early 90's. Just sayin' O.O

  • Old School

    Love the strole down memory lane. Thanks for keeping the 80s alive & relevant!

  • Tim

    #7 Have you ever seen a grown man where so much blue?

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  • kay

    What's #13 called? I know it was educational material they used to advertise on TV. I believe they continually sent you new sets in the mail?

  • Brett

    someone please tell me that picture of Showbiz Pizza was taken in Amarillo Texas. Please!!!

  • Brendan

    Wow! Yes yes yes!! Even the book where the red fren grows!

  • Phideauxe

    #49 was the most desired item on the planet when I was a kid. Saved my money for 6 months to get one. Awesome. #27 is how BeetleJuice on Howard Stern got his name.

  • Dawgsman81

    #15! Gotta love some Showbiz Pizza, AKA Chuck-E-Cheese. Checkout my blog about the new Rock-a-fire Explosion band : southernfriedboredom.blogspot {dot} com/2009/02/rock-afire-explosion-cover-band {dot} html

  • selfdestruct94

    gotta stop with this shit, you're killing me. too much good stuff.

  • Laura Vasic

    Ah Number Munchers. How I loathed you. You're the reason why I get so nervous when answering math questions!

  • immalawyer

    ll this nintendo crap….. SEGA FTW!!!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Mel Gibson's Simon says "shut up and blow me"

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  • Ashley

    What's the name of #9? I miss that game.

  • Jeffy

    What, no Duck Tales? Wooooo Hooooo

  • Vern - Chicago

    #49 FTW

  • Vern - Chicago

    #49 FTW

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