• AnyoneForCoffee

    Meh. Now if it had gone straight in….

  • CMG

    I bet they were trying to do that all day.:p

  • Chris

    You need to look up DudePerfect. They are a group that performs crazy trick shots like this for charity. They go to my college and were even featured at this year's ESPY awards.

  • chris

    Meh, so they take multiple shots until one finally goes in? That's not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. To be the greatest shot, it has to be under game conditions with time running out, otherwise it's just a stunt.

  • http://phillymagic.com Will

    Ok who cares if they probably took numerous shot? Its still a great shot!

  • Carson

    This is so annoying! Can you please link to the origianl video! Thgis is our YouTube video, and we aren't getting any credit!

  • BillyO

    Welcome to The Chive.

  • Gmoney

    not quite as cool as dudeperfect, shot is cooler when it doesn't bounce 3 times

  • Töm

    the videos arent working in my browser. somethings wrong with the lightbox. firefox 3.6 on linux

  • http://www.ekspertai.lt/rastiniai_namai Rastiniai namai

    Bets shots is in real game!

  • chogme

    GAME winning shot! sending it into 2nd overtime!

    ……….wait wha?…..

  • the651

    they obviously didn't take multiple shots because this is in a real state playoff game. i was there. it's the minnesota state tournament from like 6 years ago.

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