You asked for MOAR Lyndsey, you got it (15 Photos)

In yesterday's 'Randomness', ya'll told me to find MOAR Lyndsey. Mining the internet for photos of this buxom beauty turned out to be fascinating. It appears she did the following shoot with the same photographer in LA, then disappeared off the grid into vapor.

So many questions: Did she decide acting wasn't for her and head back to (insert boring Midwestern town)? Is this the only photo shoot she ever did? What's her last name? Is her name even Lyndsey? Is she a Russian spy? TheCHIVE is Heavyweight Champion of hunting down anonymous chicks and we're not going to stop until we find this girl.

I'm putting out an APB on Lyndsey and I'm kicking our intern off theCHIVE submit email. This is personal. If anybody knows the whereabouts of Lyndsey or her breasts, contact me right here right now with pics, her last name, her favorite Backstreet Boy, I don't care. I'll update the post accordingly as the info comes in. Do it for your country!

- John

  • Kaizaad ✩ Kermani Starz


  • MotorcycleMichael

    How she stand upright

  • Steve Lee

    it doesn't even seen humanly possible…

  • dt520

    Have fun trying to kiss that chick, those airbags are deployed 24/7.

  • JonBZ

    Dude…are we serious here? This bitch is not even cute. She is totally not proportional. She looks like a photoshopped fat girl. (OBV. I'm gonna get it from all the super-advanced photo-shoppers out there; explaining why and how it is not shopped…) But, regardless, what the F@CK does this chick have going for her, except a future of lower back problems? Do you think she can even see her toes??

    I bet you this chicks mom is super-fat too. Give it 5 years. She will be 250+ lbs.

    OMG Chive!!! For the first time EVER, I feel disappointed by your website. Let's see some hot bitches!!!

    • its_forge

      …and I said pretty much the same thing yesterday and now I'm at -79 woot.

  • anonymous

    those things are huuuuge!! I bet ya she has a hard time with guys left and right 24/7

  • anonymousmen

    Honestly, I don't even need those basketballs in her chest as I think she is absolutely gorgeous without them

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    I wonder if they inflate when she is threatened, like a pufferfish.

  • Chris

    Not interested

  • Kamikaze K

    In every picture, this girl looks bored and uninterested. It's no wonder she probably didn't get any work, she looks as entertaining as doing dishes.

  • ank

    Those breasts are TOO big.

  • Sarah

    Gross boobs, but very nice face and legs… she'd look nicer if she took like 10 pounds of sylicone off.

  • doug

    i would laugh so hard if these were photoshopped hahah

  • jojo

    those. tits. are. epic.

  • Chapala_1982

    Anyone who says something else than shes so fucking hot. Is either envy or is gay.

    She is very pretty. She has some wonderfull boobs. And killer legs.

    Of course there are prettier girls, but is not to discuss, enjoy the pictures and move on.

    • top dog

      You wouldn't know hot if somebody branded it on your ass.

  • BillytheKid

    $20 says she's Russian…

  • top dog

    Well, all I can say is if tits were brains she'd be a genius. But, by the same token, if ass was gas she probably wouldn't have enough to power a piss ants motorcycle around a hill of beans. Awwww, the tits are probably not real anyway.

  • Bobby

    These are all photoshopped. Most of the pics the body is of Denise Milani.

  • Bendrix

    Holy Mammarys Batman!! 😮

  • hot carl

    As much as it pains me to say this, they are just too big. They look absolutely retarded on that girl. Maybe on a girl with a few more pounds on her but that just looks weird.

    Man card regretfully handed over.

  • sluglove

    Does anyone else think her body resembles that of a hens?

  • Joe Kroger

    Anybody notice her face? Not real cute.


    She looks awesomely hot with those big congo schmeebz but they're 'shopped!! Look at how warped her right arm is on pic #7!!!

  • Jim

    I think will have a problem with you removing or cropping out his watermark and replacing it with yours.

  • Bud Ugly

    I like boobs.

    That is all.

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