You asked for MOAR Lyndsey, you got it (15 Photos)

In yesterday's 'Randomness', ya'll told me to find MOAR Lyndsey. Mining the internet for photos of this buxom beauty turned out to be fascinating. It appears she did the following shoot with the same photographer in LA, then disappeared off the grid into vapor.

So many questions: Did she decide acting wasn't for her and head back to (insert boring Midwestern town)? Is this the only photo shoot she ever did? What's her last name? Is her name even Lyndsey? Is she a Russian spy? TheCHIVE is Heavyweight Champion of hunting down anonymous chicks and we're not going to stop until we find this girl.

I'm putting out an APB on Lyndsey and I'm kicking our intern off theCHIVE submit email. This is personal. If anybody knows the whereabouts of Lyndsey or her breasts, contact me right here right now with pics, her last name, her favorite Backstreet Boy, I don't care. I'll update the post accordingly as the info comes in. Do it for your country!

- John

  • Pants

    She looks like a child.

  • linz

    she is not proportional at all it looks fucked

  • metalcool36

    I want to motor boat those funbags until I fall asleep on them in exhaustion!!

  • Fapper

    those things are HUGE! She looks like her back is gonna break any second. I wouldnt kick her outta bed for eating crackers but I'm sure I've seen a ton of chicks hotter than her. She looks alien like.

  • A_Simple_Dude

    That is one AMAZING set.

  • northerner

    She is certainly a beautiful woman. Lovely face and, oh my, stunning legs! As a "leg-man" wow, that is hot. But. Her boobs are so way out of proportion. She desperately needs breast reduction surgery. Quickly. She's a candidate for back problems, if she doesn't have problems already. Seriously. Boobs that big are a liability and not attractive. Really spoils an otherwise beautiful picture. I wish her well…absolutely.

  • Sage

    There comes a point when boobs are too big…

  • Insert Name Here

    Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • schango

    She has big feet and no hips. kind of fishy

  • angelus

    it's almost impossible to find out who she is, her face is horribly shopped, the size of her eyes is ridiculous

  • Matt

    There IS a such thing as boobs being to big and those are WAY to big. seriously shes a really small girl and those things are massive. It looks terrible. BTW YES i'm a guy (completely straight too lol)!

  • MigraineBoy

    She must have an ass full of lead to counterbalance that load on the front.

  • Lookin and Likin

    Well…We have it narrowed down to "California" and "boobs".. :p

  • Bonsantos

    Shopped and pretty poorly too.

  • omg

    Finally, proof that god does exist…..

  • nick

    I honestly don't know how I would react if I ever met this girl in real life. Jeez…those things are HUGE!


    man that girl looks "smart"

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  • Route 49

    Have her scrubed abd sent to my tent


    I found quite a few moarrrrrrr of her and submitted them already!! She IS big but a few of the pics we've already seen do appear to have some work done to emphasize her chesticles!!!

  • Horhay

    Thats there is a tusday

  • lyndsey....:)

    #15 take off that bikini…… *drool. P.S you can never have too much breasts

  • IWishIHadFourHands

    Arent those real, so what he fuck are you people bashing like she choose the size. Shes not the hottest chick ive seen. But i wouldnt kick her outter bed. Idiots

  • nathan

    John, She is hot. dont listen to these nozels… thank you. and that is all

  • Midget Fonda

    first, I was, like, :/, but then i was 8==UUUU=o

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