Best Photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • MigraineBoy

    I am not last.

    • Anthraxprincess

      touche, good sir…



    • MigraineBoy

      No you're not 🙂

      • topher

        are you sure? cuz i always thought douchebags cum first

    • mikethecarpenter

      you were first, off the short bus!!

  • Borracho

    #41 was fun to watch, it's a shame his movies kind of sucked

  • Fign

    Is that email from Aetna for real? What a better way to see who really is the pathetic on this one… The Chive RULEZ

    • John

      In other news Aetna's closing 50% of there offices because there almost bankrupt. Who's pathetic now?

      • Da Cuntstabber

        YOU the asslickers!

  • Random Crazy Person

    I see a lot of sexy women except for 21, that big square jaw ruins her appeal for me.

    • Slakker Bob

      Whut?! That's the House Chick ain't it? Fuck she's hot!

    • its_forge


  • Lisa Martin

    Thanks for doing the weekly compilations Bob/John/Leo. It's like thechive round up. Ahhhh…good times. 🙂

  • Belisario

    # 35 mmmmm… Bonjour mademoiselle.

  • Dood

    14 is shopped… 21 is awesome.

    • Anthraxprincess

      Can you tell by the pixels? -_-

  • Canucker

    ROFL @ Aetna

  • eddy

    me and my boss used to visit the chive everyday until the company ran out of money and i got fired, but then we went out for some beers and everything is ok, chive on!

  • phish

    they still make big league chew and sell it everywhere!

  • Tessa

    Brunette Olivia Wilde FTW!

  • Your_Daddy

    I would eat cereal out of #45's ASS!!!! NOM NOM

    • derby

      that's just gross. try oatmeal

      • Your_Daddy

        hahaha That would be awesome too…

        • top dog

          Don't do it man, I heard it'll taste like shit!

  • thomas

    bonjour to you!

  • DieselPoweredNun

    I swear, the guy in 13 is Pete White from The Venture Brothers!

    • Apoc

      I disagree, I think he's a gay Twilight reject who seriously needs to quit being a vegan.

  • nouu

    45 is a pic from a porn site i saw it the other day when i was whakkin off.

    • pmac

      which website?!

  • Cristián Cárdenas Berkheimer

    OMG I think I just fell in love with that girl from Paris.

  • Tim

    What in the world are those things at the bottom left of #23? Evil Oompa Loompas perhaps…

  • ABCtrick

    As an add to picture #6, Google for Keith Bakker, Hollands best known junk

  • Libertariandude

    I'm obsessed with #35. Seriously, I dream of going to Paris and stumbling upon her.

  • Jim Schneider

    WTF is #39?

  • ros

    16? who?

    • leo

      Jackie Guerrido

  • metalcool36

    Now I want some big league chew….

    • HellHathNoFury

      Make sure it's grape!

  • Greg_wire

    that Maui head in #9 is from the Munich International Airport in Germany, it was there in 2006 when i went and I wouldn't doubt that it's still there…

  • migs

    best random gallery in some time

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