Found: Her name is Lyndsey Caldwell (21 Photos)

Just in case you don't come to theCHIVE four times a day, we were sent photos of an anonymous girl last week with some interesting features. On Friday, our staff managed to find a name, Lyndsey, as well as a single photo shoot she did a year ago. Then we lost the scent.

Luckily, over the weekend our awesome Chivers got her full name, Lyndsey Caldwell, and sent in the photos below. According to our sources, Lyndsey isn't a struggling actress in LA after all. In fact, she's just a cute Midwestern girl living in Columbus, Ohio.

So thanks to everybody who participated in our little treasure hunt and helping theCHIVE maintain our foothold as the Heavyweight Champion of hawking down hot anonymous chicks. Enjoy...

  • LOLrobot

    I think her boobs might rival the ones Amanda Wenk was once famous for, before she got them reduced.

    Except Lyndsey here is a LOT more attractive overall. In my opinion.

  • Lyndsey

    I just wanted to thank those of you that took the time to leave nice comments. It’s funny to think that there are hundreds of photos of me, but most of the ones chosen for The Chive were taken when I was a freshman in high school. Obviously, the “Duck Face” was a popular pose back then. Lol ~Lyndsey

  • aosux

    Check out her other post on the theChive from friday. Way better pics with no duckface. She is hot as hell in the blue dress!

  • chris

    She looks to be a very average, girl-next-door-type which makes her all the more attractive!

  • SB in Houston

    That girl is gonna have serious back problems later in life. She better get married young, because those puppies are gonna be hangin down to her belly button by the time she's 30

  • Jason R. Smith

    God I hate her boobs. Nice duck face, though.
    Wait. Huh?

  • Paul

    All she's got are some big boobies, not really much other than that. I threw up all over my computer screen after seeing the duckface kissy mouth in #3. Move on, nothing to see here….

  • markkens

    Real!!! Even bf gets to do the melon tease, which has the ring of truth about it, especially if you've been working your way up to the high letter bra sizes over the years.

    Of course there was motorboating, but the duck must die.

  • andalgokandallo

    she's absolutely not diproportional here. now i'd do her

  • its_forge

    I really hate passing judgement on a young lady based on snap shots, but I can't stand women who act like having big boobs is come kind of awesome achievement.

    • MajorTom

      Is it really her fault? We dedicate a gallery to her boobs. We dedicate a gallery to any boobs. All you have to do to be honored is show us.

  • El Chaby

    Isn't she an actress from Greek ? Because the university in Greek is in Ohio too and she really looks like her !

  • kpsurf

    look real to me 🙂

  • j

    Marry me. Or at least let your boobs marry me.

  • Donny

    wow… And i live in Columbus lol hmmmmm

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    I'll say it again; even without the large boobs, she has a beautiful face, enviable legs and stunning eyes. She doesn't look trashy, either. Very lucky girl.

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    I'll say it again; even without the large boobs, she has a beautiful face, enviable legs and stunning eyes. She doesn't look trashy, either. Very lucky girl.


    she looks "smart"

  • top dog

    No matter how many pictures of her you put up, she still got big fake tits and a flat ass!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice tits, but she’s not as hot as she seems to think.

  • jiw

    she has a duck face syndrome.. but id still hit it in a heartbeat..

  • dt520

    You can write real on em, its not gonna be true. I'd say nice ass, but its probably fake too.

  • dknypg83

    she has a nice body no one can deny but real?!? i'm not too sure about it… 🙂

  • penguinchainsaw

    shes got a facebook as well. 😀

  • noneedtoknowchive!

    i'm sorry but i guarantee that most of the commentors here are all eyes on her boobs. her face is like an average american girl.

  • Anonymous

    Fugly duckface

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