Funny illustrations by Mark A. Fredrickson (30 Photos)

These funny illustrations and more HERE.

  • Cheez-Stick

    It still amazes me that people can create something like this. I cant even draw a good looking stick figure.

  • ace

    These are all epicly epic.

  • Erik


  • Not again

    #2 The new field of dreams…

    #4 Buttermilk?

  • Beau

    Love these drawings, though #16 appears to be different than the others in the sense that it's just a drawing of batman and not a caricature. Also, in #26 Keanu is obviously high as a kite.

  • P-90

    #11 Lydia.

  • stafferty

    I love #11, I don't see enough Marx brothers refences anymore. If you never saw a Marx brother's movies, just read the quotes from Duck Soup, those guys were fucking briliant

  • uberbrie

    #23 is pure awesomeness

  • Destwilder

    Yeah, totally agree with you on that one. Like one of them Trapper keepers

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