It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (26 Photos)

  • rawr

    double post #6 #23

    • phchiver

      theres a watermark in the second one… or am i the only one to catch that?

  • Russell B

    is The Chive associated with the Cheezburger network? Or do you just steal 99% of your material from the things they've posted?

    • Cristi Palincas

      I doubt they take stuff from them – chive doesn't remove watermarks and cheez images all have a visible one. Once an image hits the picsites, it's gonna be all over in days, via twitter/fb/digg/etc, and finding the first release or source will be hard as hell.

    • anonymous

      The Chive? Can I haz a cheezburger?! THEY BOTH STOLE FROM 4CHAN.


      • is.

        Question: i dont give a f*ck

    • Seanparade

      I'll just leave this here:

  • Mason

    How about you put that Marijuana zombie motivation poster up again. In case we missed it.

  • Insert Name Here

    this one sucked.

    • chrisdg74

      And you swallowed…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    19, guilt dog may be feeling guilty while thinking about past mistakes but looks absofackinlutley adorable wallowing in his guilt!!!
    26, Where was Trojan Man when he was so needed?????

  • chrisdg74

    #8 – I thought there was supposed to be text below the pictures. I saw none.
    #11 – It also makes it look like trees are chasing you when you're driving.
    #17 – I feel an epic face-plant coming.
    #23 – WIN.
    #25 – Holy crap. What's her grandfather doing?

    • Joeyk

      Im sorry but I refuse to scroll up and down more than once to judge how witty you may be..pick one and go with it

      • chrisdg74

        Doesn't matter. They changed the order of the pics anyway.

  • fred

    super original set of pics…haven't seen any of these before

  • chrisdg74

    Hey, the order changed. WTF?

  • Over-it

    Do you remember way back like when auuugh…… Like when you guys were cool?

  • 100window

    i stared at 19 for a good 5 minutes and I'm still pretty sure there's no text.

  • #19 fan

    more #19 please

  • Bear6

    #19, enough said…. CHIVE use your woman hunting skills please to find more of this woman!

  • aosux

    I want the chick in the blue dress to be my honorary "ball washer"

  • Tiger's Wood

    #24 I see three dogs, anybody else?

  • dw55

    good ones chive..

  • mikethecarpenter

    holy crap

    • mikethecarpenter

      that's weird, i think all ya'll just downer the first poster weather they say first, or openly claim to be the D-bag they are. So thank you Chive and holy crap i love you guys, any motivation given by the chive is firstly appreciated and firstly deeply wanted, and CHIVE, i hope that people will be fired from there sucky jobs for looking at the chive, and go on to realize the real potential of the human……ah f### it never mind

  • D Sharp

    Dual posting the marijuana zombie machine gun?

    • Rico

      marijuana won't save me from zombies. ok, we get it!

  • someguy

    # 13 i do but shaved

  • ChivinandProfliln

    Awesome = 19
    Douchenozzle = taking time to actually post that one pic was posted twice…dorks

  • robsterling

    #11 has probably had three more children since that picture was taken. Someone needs to buy those people a TV and some birth control.

    Damn you people, QUIT FUCKING!

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  • Some Guy

    Since my comment about ripping all the images from of the Cheezburger network was deleted, I'm assuming its true. Also seems to be another of The Chive's favorite sources, for the animated gif posts.

    Obviously no one 'owns' images on the internet, but when one site copies all of their material from another site who did all the work compiling them, well…illegal or not its douche behavior. Do your own work.

    • anarcrust

      Then why don't you just stop going to those sites, since everything ends up here? Or stop visiting the chive? Either way works.

  • top dog

    I'll bet the momma in #11 probably don't have much left at the end of a day. I tried counting all them kids, I lost count so many times I gave up. Her insides must be shot to hell.

  • an.tenna

    who's the ole guy on #2?

    • rmthugger

      There's an old guy in #2??

      I stopped looking when I saw those boobs.

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