These aint photos, they’re hyper-realistic paintings (24 Photos)

  • aosux

    Wow, these are awesome.

  • chrisdg74

    Man how I wish I could snap my fingers and make #16 come to life.

  • MigraineBoy

    Looks like someone had a lot of time on their hands…

  • Marc Sallent Aspa

    how do you upload hyper realistic paintings to the blog?

    • chrisdg74

      Very carefully. You don't want the paint to get smeared by teh interwebs.

  • Notsure

    Sniffs sniff I smell bullshit

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    4, Gourmet jelly beans= Awesome

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    forget it you wont fool me with real pictures 😛

  • yugozapad

    That is..that is just fucking amazing.

  • DaddyD

    Why? I'm willing to bet that each of these artists duplicated a photo.

  • Seb

    They paint the exact copies of real pictures. There is no creativity. These painters are stupids.

  • Corey

    i call bullshit, most of those are real pictures, a couple maybe could be paintings. but i doubt it

  • Photoshopped

    Hmmmm, digital camera and photoshop, moppets fooled, done!

  • jEDROL

    He should buy a camera.

  • SpatulaAssassin

    It's cool and everything, but why such dull, uninspiring subject matter?
    Marks & Spencer ready meals, like WTF!?

  • NobodyHere?

    Woooow, no one can paint like this in a healthy world…!
    Nah, just kindding. This is not amazing, this is beyond amazing. One can see a painting effect in 23 (look at the front tire), but that's it. Excellent.
    PS: the dull, uninspiring subject is preciselly for the realism effect.

  • kiwiwitch

    Maybe this is what we need to remember, people viewing their world with absolute concentration.
    It is easy to point and click but do we really observe?
    How much has the artist learnt about the world?
    Can you imagion the memory and understanding of the world this artist has achieved?
    Absolutely amazing.
    Would love to see more examples of this artists work.

  • anarcrust

    You know what, fuck this guy. I can't even draw a dog without it looking like a crippled giraffe.

  • I'mjust sayin'

    I think this person may have you fooled…there are reflections in pic 18 and 21 that clearly show a camera. There is no way someone can paint things that perfect.

    • bla bla bird

      don't be jelaous

  • markkens

    1 – 4 are freakin' inhuman! And 5 is almost, except the physics is wrong. The others are nice still life's but don't have that ultra-perfection. Makes me wonder if this is solid modeling and rendering rather than flat digital "painting". Maxwell Render can do glass and reflective solids perfectly, and Modo comes really close. IMHO.

  • P-90

    Awesome, I'd love the artist to get a job at Marvel.
    Also Kit Kat Chunky's are delicious.

  • JJan

    More realistic than Don Eddy. I saw Eddy's work at Kent State many moons ago.

    These were probably his photographs made into a painting, that's why you see a camera reflection. I can get a very realistic impression with colored pencils, too.

  • sinophil05

    superb art skills

  • Vince

    It's called hyperrealism. There are actually several artist's work here. Too bad Chive didn't credit them. Many are Bernardi's work, ( linked by another commenter )
    With a good eye, you can spot each artist's 'weakness' if you will on where you can see the tell-tale sign it is not real. Of course the transfer from painting to photograph to computer makes it seem closer to life than the paintings are in reality.
    No doubt great talent.

  • Dominic

    Funny how people complain that it's just a duplicate of an image. But one of the most known paintings is… wait for it… wait…. the portrait of Mona Lisa. Same thing! Guess you can say davinci sucked too right? The point is to duplicate any given image into exact likeness. And it's tough to do! Takes lot of skill and time to do such a task. It's all part of training if you have ever taken an art class before. Everyone that takes an art glass is guaranteed to replicate a pitcher and plastic fruit.
    Seriously, you people saying oh just trace and blend… How about you try it yourself? I bet it would look like a 5yr old did the work. Please link of your own work if you criticize.
    Saying that they are not artists is the same as saying photographers aren't special because they are simply taking a picture of something that already exists.
    And yes I agree there is greater creativity in creating an image of something that doesn't exist, but I could draw out some dragon eating a pack of llamas and I would never match the skill of these artists above. It's just a different form of art. Using your pallette of colors to recreate an image in exact likeness. Understanding on blending colors. The proper way to apply… Why can't you just enjoy someones hard work then just trash it?

  • mirou

    it's soo real that I can't believe that are painted

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