These aint photos, they’re hyper-realistic paintings (24 Photos)

  • Tim Grubbert

    Why not just take the photo?!

  • Nicnac

    Anyone can take a picture with a camera. How many can paint it?

  • WhereIsItNow

    Why would you want to paint a camera? Have you already painted it? Will it be on Chive tomorrow? You'll need another camera to take a picture of it to send in.

    You're not borrowing mine – I've heard what you do to cameras!

  • Colin


  • MrWendal00

    i see what u did there and that's too insightful for the chive.

    take ure educated pov some place else………… guy.

  • Stuart

    Not sure if it is or not but if it is a painting they will be painting it from a photograph not from memory.

  • Picasso-Envy

    I wish I could draw a dog that looked like a crippled giraffe.

  • Dominic

    if you mean how about some proof? Just search hyper realistic paintings in google images.

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