Transformers 3 Rosie Huntington-Whitley (10 Photos)

  • Christopher M. Evans

    I would rather they kill Megan Fox's character OFF than replace her with that!

  • the_one

    she's no megan fox ……she's an 8 to megan fox a 10

  • Rick

    10/4 on the BUTTER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hua

    You are thoroughly a massive idiot.

  • YepNope

    agreed. Meagan may be an unappreciative ego maniacal bitchy bitch (this chick probably is too), but atleast meagan looks good. This chick looks like a transvestite. Go ahead. Thumbs me down….only proves your love for the cocka.

  • the black mamba

    hahaha who r u Hua….maybe you should come up with an explication behind your "thoroughly a massive idiot" comment" hahahaha MAAAAAAN there are fuckin dumbasses online!!! fuck it s getting worst by the day

  • hoo

    you just burned yourself, idiot.

  • lord gaga

    lqtm the internet continues to amaze me.

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