Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • fourTWOzero

    I’m so going to Weed CA. and smoking a blunt at that rest stop. “officer…it said weed rest area!”

    @emma – your punishment is our reward

  • Not again

    EMMA !!!!! Thanks for losing giving us the win!!

  • Not again

    EMMA !!!!! Thanks for losing giving us the win!!

  • isawoj

    Emma, why did you lose? Chicken out or thrown out?

    Nice butt, BTW.

  • guest


  • Not again

    How long before these comments disappear??????

    • its_forge

      I commented on here just a few minutes ago and it's gone already!! Wow this is SOME FRICKIN' AWESOME COMMENT SYSTEM!! WHAT THE F*CK CHIVE THIS THING IS SH*T.

  • Kyle

    First off, I'm almost positive #3 is NC-17. Secondly. #4 has instantly become my dream crib. Thank you, Chive. I never knew what I really wanted out of life til you came around.

  • Kyle

    Strike that. I miscounted. #5 is NC-17. #6 is my dream crib.

  • Leon

    Is it just me or is #6 a bad photoshop? The perspective of the foliage is way off.

  • psycho_freak

    #8..she cant be just 14..!! or is she from amazon ???

  • Lance

    #16 ruined by stupid spelling mistake.

  • rtrain

    #16 = Fail

  • Matt


  • chingbang

    #24 – this reminds me a of a sign I saw once on the way to Milwaukee from Chicago.. The Bong Recreation Area (no joke)

  • Furthy

    I like Emma’s butt.

  • fluffyhairded

    why would someone WANT to focus on how hot a 14 year old girl is? last i checked 14 was still a child, not just "underage" like 17… big difference man. gross.

  • Dave

    #35…Beautiful rear end, Emma!!!! Please continue!

  • Kal15

    #34, I have one (inherited it from an in-law) and yes, it is awesome.

  • P-90

    If Emma really is Chiver, we definately need more pics.

  • Ricardo

    No Emma. You win, you win.

  • Son of Dad

    #14 – i am so motherf***ing sick of these motherf***ing bees on this motherf***ing lamp post!

  • fourTWOzero


  • Nick

    i see #9 all the time in nyc. he's so annoying. he walks around with a cat on his head just so people will take a picture and give him money. GET A JOB

  • dave

    why not Emma, you look good. Show that ass more often : )

  • Frenchgirl

    same with 32

  • Jaxk

    I have suspected that as well for a long time.

  • Htownpunk

    I'll second that! Absolutely fucking incredible ass……..

  • Htownpunk

    Looks like she'll be another man-beast like her sister Khloe; I guess those two got the "raw deal" of the gene pool.

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