In a pinch, improvised weapons (26 Photos)

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  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    I think OSHA would give all of these it's stamp of approval!! Looks safe….If not, Hey its natural selection at work

  • stafferty

    Quadruple Barrel Shotgun, don't get caught in the Zombie apocolaypse without one.

  • MigraineBoy

    Now THAT's diy!

  • poopsiekins

    some of these go beyond improvised… custom cut metal and welds and such..

  • @rte148

    If you're brave enough to fire some of these weapons you don't need a weapon

  • Nateb123

    Dude is 22 a homemade railgun? That's badass. Almost totally silent but I imagine it can't shoot many bullets.

  • and1

    first one says: 80 years old hämeenlinnalais engineer developed a machine gun out of drill, it has a firerate of 420 rounds per minute and uses 22cal ammunition.

  • Talon

    some of these actually look reasonably well produced, maybe not as flashy as professionally made guns but still something that you could probably rely on.

  • Sharktopus

    I bet more than a few of these are from central/south america. I have no proof, just a hunch.

    • Sirkid

      E-Banking klo ga salah bisa tfsraner 25rb. Atau cari teman yg bareng. Kalau mo bayar di tempat tolong datang lebih awal, jam 5an gitu. Thanks

  • dt520

    Some are well made, but man if you make a gun without a trigger guard you are asking for it.

  • kantaa

    the british sten machine gun was actually designed so that you could make one out of common pipe fittings. #11 looks like one of these

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  • anon

    Its sort of cool, but I don't see what's particularly "improvised" about a commercially manufactured set of brass (ok steel) knuckles with a corkscrew attached!

    Also the Kalashnikov in #6 may have been assembled in some home garage, but it appears to be largely comprised of commercially manufactured parts.

    On the other hand, the pistol (or is it a submachine gun?) in #8 is pretty intriguing. I'd love to know more about it. Ditto for the pistol in 20 which looks like a homebuilt version of an open slide Beretta/Walther design.

    In general it would be great to see some explanation of each weapon, including how it functions (ie caliber, etc) where it was made or captured, by whom, and under what circumstances.

  • anon

    Per WIKI, the ugly zip gun in # 24 was manufactured in New Delhi India. Cheap cobbled together handguns, apparently are fairly common in poor India.

    In general, if you like this sort of thing, you can find images of all sorts of ingenious crude firearms just by doing a Google or other search engine search for "Zip guns".

    The Sten design in particular (a few examples listed above) lends itself to a robust submachine gun capable of being assembled in any garage in a limited amount of time out of readily available metallic tubing and other cheap parts.

  • discount Backpacks

    I think OSHA would give all of these it's stamp of approval!! Looks safe….If not, Hey its natural selection at work. too old.

  • Kumar

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  • michaelzwilliamson

    #25 was built as "art," about improv weapons. The artist got in trouble for trying to sell it, because it theoretically could fire.

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