• Beth

    Looks as though she has a hairy chest like Austin Powers in the guitar picture. I seem some fuzz pokin out from behind that instrument, right about where the boobs would be.

    • Beth

      *I see

  • stafferty

    She dyes her hair blonde to try and hide her ginger evil magic, but the courts know better.

    Honestly though, shes is still pretty hot after photoshop works its magic.

    • jhfdkjsd

      her ginger evil magic, lol

  • peteyroberto

    huh…not bad…i gues photoshop can fix everything

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    hey mang!!! I wouldnt touch that if there was a pot of gold, 10 million dollars and a bottle of Valtrex at the end of her freckle covered rainbow!!!!

  • Gandalf..


  • Anonomice

    I never really got all the Lilo-bashing, she's always been hot…stupid and lacking acting-talent, but still hot.

  • Tiggobitties

    WTF is "QG Magazine"

  • its_forge

    Except for the navel thing I think these are pretty hot and for that matter so is Linz; she's far better-looking and a lot less "skanky" than some of the ugly sluts most of y'all will be schtupping in college, so get the frick over yourselves already. ::nod::

  • Brandon

    Nice -43p rating you have there, Gandalf.😛

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