Not Kypton, but not far off (8 Photos)

These photos are of real crystal caves, which when you think about it is pretty amazing that it’s not just some Hollywood set.


    nooo..noooo Mr. Superman not here…nooonooo

  • BEER

    no one's there 'cause it's prohibited.
    oh yeah … and you could not survive with one of those suits.

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    Yeah, that room was full of super hot water until they mined near it. Not it's full of super hot toxic air and the crystals are falling apart. Why can't they be made of colored sugar and have free admission?

    • BEER

      Like your vagina?

      BTW learn some grammar, as you would say.

      • HellHathNoFury

        My vag was full of hot water? Or it should be made of sugar crystals? There is nothing grammatically incorrect about my comment, idiot. One mis-typed letter, and even that created a real word. Grow the fuck up.

        • beans13

          I actually think your vag may be made of sugar crystals. Delicious

    • TheCureForHope

      If it's full of super hot toxic air someone should probably tell #3. If so, he's sure taking it like a boss.

  • dw55

    that is the reason why no one should mix sugar with Viagra

  • edward nigma

    wow thats a lotta meth!

  • The Dude

    So is this a place you can visit? look at #3 he does not have one of those suits on. Any idea on where this is at.

  • freddue

    AFAIK, the cave used be filled with water and was recently drained. A heat source nearby may have allowed the crystalls to grow at a constant temperature for several hundred years. These are basically enormous mono-crystalls.

  • pogs

    It is a cave in Mexico that was researched by scientists when found but realized it needed to be re-filled with water or the crystals will erode without the water.

  • ale

    Its Naica crystal cave, in Chihuahua Mex… I its not for tourists visits, cause its pretty hot down there.

  • Jesse Bronson

    Not Kypton is right, it is Krypton see the r in there 🙂
    Now I feel like a geek.

  • Guy


  • Guest
  • Kal-El

    My home planet is KRYPTON, not Kypton! I forgive you.

  • chaz

    Fortress of Solitude not Kypton…. jeez.

  • Serinanth

    I think they are a form of gypsum, selenite I believe.

  • kaleb

    What are you thinking and by the way what is the location of this cave?

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  • gizmo77819

    would look amazing if you get some lazor lights in there

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