So I went shopping for mail-order redheads last night… (25 Photos)

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As many of you know, I think mail-order brides make fantastic purchases. Here's the latest group of redheads for your add-to-cart consideration...

  • Redheaded Brides From Russia With Love

    […] via theChive […]

  • unfairrobot

    I'll take a six-pack.

  • Matthew

    Ladya, the first one or the batshit crazy one….

  • B-Man

    You need to have an Asian mail-order post. That would make me smile.

  • Gareth Mangini

    Glorified prostitutes, with near-constant obligations…
    Working minimum wage in a sulfur processing plant would be more dignified!

  • luckyguy

    wanting some more hot chicks? go to

  • shit tits

    2 3 7 8….. Do you accept credit cards?

  • Mail order brides germany

    The actual failure from the Soviet union and the spread from the web possess led to an array of web union businesses popping upward. Many of these companies focus on …Mail order brides prices

  • Always Last


  • unfairrobot

    To MiPo, from the Comment Deleting Monster: COMMENTS!!! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!

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