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  • Memo Espinosa

    That guy must be rich as hell to get someone to marry him or is it because of twilight, lately girls get crazy in love with gay looking vampires.

  • sha shizza

    that guy and the guy that tattooed his body to look like a lizard should fight to the death.

  • bigBLACKguy

    Oh shit dawg i want me summa dat….that biotch in the thong with the tattoos has some big ol titties

  • greenerblues

    That black eyeliner, lip implants, and plucked eyebrows really complete the lizard look, because, ya know lizards look lie that

    • greenerblues


  • Cutters33

    Nice man-purse…

  • Equalizer

    Real life story of Beauty and the Beast

  • sabrina

    The thing that cracks me up is the two people going at it in the chair in # 1 and #8 while this spectacle is going on. They are totally oblivious to the freak show. Guess they've seen it before.

  • Eric

    His parents must have conceived near a nuclear waste disposal site.

  • Jordan

    That guy looks like he has pec implants, I don’t think he earned them

  • northerner

    DOUCHEBAGS, BOTH…My God, that's hideous. What a repulsive thing to do to a body…he needs institutionalized. No, she's not in her right mind, either. What inner hate for himself does he harbor? There has to be something deep and inner to make a person so disfigure themselves. I can't comprehend this…

  • doo dah doo doo

    i wish murses were socially acceptable in the US. *sigh*

    i bet he keeps a lot of stuff in there.

  • Booch

    What is that thing she's dancing with?

  • jennabee

    She looks like a mail order bride. That can be the only explanation for the fuckery.

  • Greenerblues


  • Penelope

    My first thought…"Oh Jesus Christ why does he exist?"

  • Viking

    Horrendously disturbed. As a father, I'd feel compelled to eliminate the possibility of this happening to my daughter, and accept the consequences. Period.

  • Phil

    He has disgusting boobs

  • Knights of Ni

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Ugh

  • lazydog

    i wonder what this retard does for a living?

  • oneoldman

    Sheesh, you guys he's supposed to be a Dragon ok? Can't you all see his dedication to his true Dragon form? I heard he got the fangs removed though- couldn't eat apparently. Takes all kinds to set the genetic bell curve I guess.

  • dfgdfg

    see HHNF, there is still a chance for you after all.

  • Boris

    I want him to pass on.

  • ccoplaymate

    someone please! Stick around after you pass me a spoon and a nail, because after I dig out my eyes with the spoon I will need someone to drive the nail into my frontal lobe…just so I can forget..must forget.

  • MilfieShabukka

    NOBODY thought to mention the lip enhancer and threaded eyebrows, rather, shaved off and drawn back on…? Shudder.

  • mirou

    I think he had truble when he was a kid, it's why he is now like that, don't let your child see scary movies

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