Yeah, those veins…not sexy (9 Photos)

The only one who could pull this veiny look off was Arnold, everyone else cut it out!

  • Fifi834

    Who is #7 … shemale?

    • parrislove

      that's mario lopez haha

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  • its_forge

    Iggy Muthaf*cking Pop Who Gave The World All The Music It Has Today does not CARE what you THINK of him.

  • lazydog

    its amazing, the more madonna works out ect the worse she looks. if she was 20 lbs heaver she would still look great for her age. i bet her husband turns the lights down real low

  • John Wayne

    Insulting Mr Olympia is an automatic revocation of your man card, you can leave it on my desk on your way out Chive. Fail to do so and I will tell Billy, Blain, Dillon and Mac that you slept with their mothers.

    The Predator
    Interplanetary President of Masculine things.

  • brittbear

    mario lopez still sexy with veins

  • Afternoon Crumbs

    […] My veins feel so inadequate – The Chive […]

  • rocket sauce

    #10 is Fergie.

  • TheNoobie

    Arnold is the man! That picture is awesome display of sacrifice and hard work. Should not be in this thread, period!

  • Mokuseitora

    just threw up a little… curse u chive!

  • JHR

    Only one thing to say STEROIDS!

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  • Manoj

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  • sexual aides

    sexual aides

    Celebrities with huge bulging veins..sick : theCHIVE

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