Guys just can’t help themselves (37 Photos)

Even a few girls have some trouble, and I don’t blame them.

  • ace

    Just in time for a triple first! let the rate downs begin!

    • ace

      on a more serious note, #12 Titnosis affects both genders indeed

  • derp

    Damn. Who is #34?

    • Insert Name Here

      a really beat chick

    • yeah

      That's Tilde Fröling on the left and Natacha Peyre in the middle. The guy, i don't know…

    • Guest

      Natascha Peyre from Sweden

      • top dog

        Her name is herp. derp, meet herp.

  • Sharktopus

    I like titties when you grab em' and it feels like a bag of sand…

  • Dave

    To be fair, #9 is really not fair

  • Gandalf..


  • jamie


  • Blow

    BOOBS are awsome!!

  • Mel

    So basically you steal all images from add a watermark and make a post?

    • thetech2

      where do you get the pics for your website ? oh wait you don't have one ,personally I don't care where they come from but you obviously have lots of time while your waiting for your mom to bring you down some more mini pizzas to the basement to look around and compare sites then throw out some shit about it have a good life and tell your mom I said hi ,,,,she'll remember trust me

    • TheRealSnowman

      It's called image-shareing. That other site cannot claim ownership of these images either, so get over it. K?

    • Internetz

      Izismile, Chive, and a dozen similar sites share the same content….idiot.

      At least Chive allows linking so people can share their content on message boards and blogs…..and they win with their site info on the photo.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Like deer in the headlights…..literally

  • Nurse Ginny

    I love having boobs..seriously!

  • Rusty

    #28 … isn’t that John Kerry and his daughters?

    If it is …

    • Knightman

      … He has the strangest boner right now… 89 weeks late

  • dw55

    I'm sorry what the post is about again

  • chrisdg74

    #1 – What is it with pubescent boys and Hooters? Every time we have gone since he was 11, and taken our son(and sometimes a friend), our son has tried to leave his phone # on a napkin for the waitress.
    #19 -WTF is with that get-up, fella?

  • Colm Rowley

    mmmm lunch

  • Beldar

    #24. He might as well stare. He was sucking on them for quite a while.

  • Beau

    I'm debating whether or not #12 is win. It could be jealousy…. hmmm…

    Three cheers for boobs, everyone! Here here! Here here! Here here!

  • chrusty

    # 23 huba huba

  • big bill

    #'s 9,20, and 26 are the best reactions. it's like the 1st time they have ever seen Boobie

  • Dom

    Wait wait wait….What's going on in #19?

    • unfairrobot

      That's an Aussie flag wrapped around his face, so it must be something awesome.

  • JAP

    #32 Jonas is actualy looking at his brothers cock

  • nemesis

    I don't know what's happening in the Heroes in Lederhosen party in #24, but I want to be a part of it.

  • Sheng

    I would definitely want to watch this in Myth Buster. I wonder if they can test human behavior cleavage magnetism. lol

  • dw55

    chive your so called comment system sucks :@

  • Bear6

    #5 takes the cake boys and girls… i mean the dude just got hitched to a ball and chain and hes scoping his last set…

    that guy is a beauty

  • chrisdg74

    #1 – To quote Chris Rock (from "No Sex in the Champagne Room"): "No one goes to Hooters for the wings."

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