Guys just can’t help themselves (37 Photos)

Even a few girls have some trouble, and I don’t blame them.

  • Boris

    All of these photos are so new. I have never seen any of them on here before……………………………Come on Chive.

  • disapointed regular

    No shit, we have seen this same post, with the exact same pictures at least twice before. I come here for new and funny, stop being lazy.

  • Sauru

    number 9 does not really fit here. he was not sneaking a peak she was pulling her shirt down saying check this shit out

  • Shouldn't Know this

    #9 is Gianna Michaels an Amazing Porn Star. You can tell by the tattoo on her shoulder. Very Fapable. If you google her I can not say NSFW enough. If you are not at work and you google her say goodbye to the rest of your day.

  • blackwatchrasta

    Is that kid having a birthday party at Hooters? That would be AWESOME.

  • seattle dude

    numbers 2, 21 and 36- yes please!

  • sippinator94

    I want #31 to be my son.

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  • Gandalf..

    35- that guy actually looks like a friend of mine..

    • Michael

      TourDeSomewhere on December 22, 2009 This car looks so sturdy on the ouitsde, but the interior quality is a bit of a let down .But the new 2011 Kia Sorento is even better looks more like a high end crossover with a very luxurious interior can’t wait for my sorento to arrive next year!

  • Sarah

    LMAO some of those were ace…

  • groper

    #23- More Lindsay!

    • 123

      23 full name please

  • Mike

    I think the girl in pic 17 has some ballons from the first pic.

  • TheO

    #2 "i suspect something in her boobs, i need further check" (angry man, hungry of meat)

  • Axeman

    #4 the dude looks like Mark Zuckerberg getting his perv on

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  • pizzaman

    #34 is swedish Natacha Peyre

  • 123

    who is #23

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