Imagine waking up next to this sea donkey (17 Photos)

  • wkdfrog

    OMG! You see that's just not fair to us all!

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  • BongPimper

    lol…..sea donkey

  • Nagrom

    SHEESH!!!! She……er……it looks like Bladez out of The Guild in #2.

    Damn the magic of make up.

  • Nagrom

    SHEESH!!!! She……er……it looks like Bladez out of The Guild in #2.

    Damn the magic of make up.

  • Anonymous


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  • Biggus Diccus

    Does she put something in her eyes to look bigger? It's not just makeup

  • BabiiGiirL

    its probably circle is the hype in ASIA 🙂 It makes your pupils look bigger

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Looks like somewhere have beaten her up

  • Tony

    ooh me so horny….for 5 dorrars you get everyting……me so horny


    Mean? Racist? Come on Chive, you're better than this.

  • TexD

    RE: Eyelid Fold

    It IS just makeup:

  • MichaelGS

    wow, make-up changes her from fucking fugly, to slightly less fugly. yawn

  • younameit

    Of course you look ridiculous when you shave off your eyebrows…

  • norm

    "sea donkey"?

  • John

    way to erase the comments
    you suck, Chive

  • McBeastie

    "What a collection of assholes" – Mr. Show quote, pretty much describes theChive.

  • OneHelluvaMichelle

    looks like she has alopecia… 😦

  • DaDaDaDumbass

    Fuckin chills down the spine

  • rinjin

    sea monkey?

    chive on…with your not so subtle racism plastered all over your patriotic website. as long as they're white and for the military…they can chive on? where are the black girls, hispanics, arabs (whoa…ok…that's asking a lot for you massively white chivers.) you got a link to 22 sexy asians…the only non-white one i can find on your site…that points to another site… that brings up spam if you click on one of the sexy asians. white on, chive! this is a fun site…if you're white. open up a bit. your white girls won't always lose the best booty polls. and black, yellow, brown soldiers are takin' hits for red white and blue, too.

  • social exposure

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  • Lev

    At what point did they even reference her race? They actually did the opposite of racism, which is not even mentioning or drawing attention to ethnicity. This post had nothing to do with race.

  • M.G

    Apart from sleeping well, eating well, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly!

  • rikooprate

    Nice grammar, 'tard. It's called a double negative. Google it.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Thank you! It pisses me off to no end that when whenever a white person says/does something against another race, it's automatically racist, yet if another race does something to a white person, it's fine. Automatically saying someone is racist just because they say something about a different race is racist in itself. Do these people ever stop to think that the reason someone doesn't like someone isn't because of their race, but because the person is an asshole? Yes, there are racist white people, but there are just as many, if not more, racists in other races. I don't give a shit what color your skin is, what country you come from, etc., if you're a nice person I vibe well with, I'll like ya, and if you're an asshole, I won't.

  • its_forge

    Yeah I would like to please refer the OP of this thread to all – ALL. The "douchebag" posts, which feature almost exclusively white people. A-durr.

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