• DDnice


  • Brian

    haha wizard?

    • Nate


      • zahacy

        WIZARD SMOKE! good mooovie

  • Stumpy McTumpletons

    "This is like human Frogger…try not to get hit by–WHOOPWADYADUMPHOHAWSH!!!"

  • DudeBro

    Skate park of tampa!

  • Belisario

    0:14 He almost broke the boys back. What a stupid stunt.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/76United 76United

    Skate Park of Tampa! I played a gig their once!

    • Slakker Bob

      What's your style?

      -on-topic; Fat people should stay off half-pipes, their very mass is dangerous to the situation.

  • no1mini

    LOL "i'm going to stay over here this time….can you come over here? PLEEEASE?"

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  • Anonymous

    fat fucking idiot

  • kelly chandley

    His name is Charley Belcher. He's actually quite awesome in a seriously nerdy/dorky way. He's an on-sight reporter for MyFoxTampaBay. Poor Charley!

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