Optical illusions, scientifically proven to get you to Friday faster (22 Photos)

  • gabbar

    what boat!

  • robsterling

    #22 I still don't see that boat.

    • paul

      yeah mate i think they're making that up

  • Darksoul

    Oh my 22 looks like a fun ride.

  • Crystal

    12 – Kinda doubt that

    • Apache

      look at the shadows

    • Channy

      I doubt it too!

  • Confused

    These illusions are great

  • Jim

    #16 That girl is beautiful……

  • Anonymous

    FIRST bitches be jealous

  • Caca

    I call Bullshit on the Ball…PROVE it!

    • Settling Nomad

      I agree the ball is BS

  • Boooger

    You ruined #7 by posting the true angle instead of the illusion view.

  • Gandalf..

    Didnt actually get No 5… :/

    • Captain Obvious

      the sexual positions of the guys… ie the guy in the middle have a taste of the girl in front of him.

      • Gandalf..

        ohh okay…;D

  • Not again

    What's up with #5 ? Men not paying attention to women in bikinis?

    • anon

      everything looks sexual

  • thaguyyousaw

    15 is so cool

  • 76United

    21? I no get it

  • anon
  • Dave

    22 Spelled illusion wrong. Am I the only (straight) man who's bothered by the "male illusion" posters that I see on picture sites everyday? I don't think one should be proud of being so absurdly single-minded, that they are unable to observe any detail within a photograph, other than its intended subject matter. (Not to mention the way that commenters behave as though they've never seen a woman before)

    • aosux

      Know how I know you're gay?

    • Not again

      The real Illusion is that you were actually reading the text and noticed a misspelled word…….

    • Beau

      On one hand I agree, being proud of being so single minded and being unable to observe details when distracted by a beautiful woman is the wrong place to put your pride.

      HOWEVER, being a straight male myself, I still am distracted to a great extent when I see a beautiful woman. A lot of times, to blow it off (giggidy), I will make a joke of exactly how distracting it is by blowing it out of proportion so it can be funny rather than just purely a lack of self control.

    • sdc

      I agree Dave.

      All kidding aside, guys who identify with this sort of potty humor are an embarrassment to the intelligent male species.

    • its_forge

      Totally this. I can't be the only, or apparently one of the only two, Chiver guys who's actually seen a woman naked in person before. C'mon people, have a little self-respect.

  • Ryan

    #15- good thing the cat's chin whiskers were part of the picture and not part of the woman in the foreground!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730551164 Jim Schneider

    8 is the best, you can selectively stop the wheels by focusing on a single mark on said wheel.

  • Ian

    I think the illusion in 5 is that nearly if not every person is apparently involved in some sort of sexual activity.

  • sdc

    You mean the illusion is that they *appear* to be involved in some form of sexual activity.

  • Jennifer

    The basketball illusion is in fact real.Julian Beever does 3-D sidewalk chalk.He's amazingly talented.Here's the link,scroll down and you will see the basketball illusion. http://www.moillusions.com/category/3d-sidewalk-d

  • bobby24

    i dont really get #5?????

  • jolicoco

    bien le verso…;mais comment est le recto ?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I thought the same, but in looking at the shadow angles…maybe.

  • Brutal Deluxe

    I call bullshit on there being a boat in #22. Been staring at it all day and I don't see a boat.

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