• erock


    • assmode

      o and a?

  • sdc

    OMG! That is hilarious!


  • dt520

    I don't need help, you only need help if you really see the second one!

  • ace

    I guessed: books, random, penis, fuck, pulse, sex. Um, good one Dr. Phil?

  • ohmai

    damn you dr. phil!!

  • rikooprate



    bullets my only weakness how did you know?

  • bbbbbeaver

    i said Boots, Random, Pants, Fork, Purse, and Six

    • dw55

      you need a fucking help

  • Insert Name Here


  • ricky9

    I guessed Boobs, Condom, Penis, Fuck, Pussy and Sex
    Because I'm a guy and everyone thought this

    • Confused

      i actually thought random for the second one

  • thaguyyousaw

    no dr phil, i don't.

  • stafferty

    I do need fucking help, but not from Dr. Phil. I want a real (Criminal) psyhchiatrist thank you very much.

  • Ryan

    It took me just over 14 seconds- which is about how long it would normally take me when I think of the words(answers) that came to my mind. FML…

  • Confused

    did comments get removed?

  • Jezebel

    I thought of boots instead of books. I guess I lost.

  • Anders

    It took me about 3 minutes to figure out which dirty word they meant with **ndom. They probably want you to think 'condom'. Hmm.

  • Tim

    Well I guessed right for #1. There's still hope for me.

  • Danny

    Dr Phil sucks balls…………… 😦

  • JacobsLadder

    I thought all the dirty ones and I'm a chick

  • joe

    i actually guessed "random" for the 2nd one. ^^

  • Zavulon

    I guessed Random too since im looking for daily afternoon randomness here all the time^^. But I was quite fast though

  • cinnamons

    Good post, I've done that before and the results weren't great then!

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