• 3x6

    Time for me to start working out too

  • Gandalf..

    One of my most favourite movies after Gladiator…

    • Da Cuntstabber

      I thought you'd have better cinematic taste Gandalf. Shame, shame

      • jawbone

        He's a fan of boyfuckers and sweaty men grappling, so what? All kinds…

    • Heber Coll

      Comparing 300 to Gladiator…

      Does not compute.

  • Sharktopus

    It still burns when I pee.

    • Organic Dave

      quit stickin your sharktopeepee where it done belong…

  • HellHathNoFury

    My regimen? Stranded on an island for a month.

    • nickel.pl8ed

      Mind if I join?

      • HellHath NoFury

        Must bring: rum, women

  • Biggus Diccus

    His workout routine was doing X and dancing at raves for 12 hours

  • got pecs?

    Where's the milk, you damn crayon!

  • top dog

    I heard they had a special work out routine they did for the movie, all of em was ripped. I wish I knew what it was, cause I could use it.

    • b.o.l

      It's called the "300 Workout". Not too difficult to look up

      • GuySmiley

        It's also called, CGI. It's pretty well known that they all had rendered 6 packs.

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Or maybe he just did a real good cutting regimen?

  • Pauldo

    They basically followed a CrossFit style training program. CF is the f-ing bomb and crushes just about every other fitness program out there.

    A link to the '300' training program…

  • Transformation of a Spartan |

    […] 10 Transformation of a Spartan […]

  • CF sux

    CF is gay and so are you.

  • spook01

    I thinks I would be more successful going from #3 to #1.."This…is…KFC!! NOM NOM NOM.."

  • Name

    Steroids help too

  • RazorX

    i trained with 3 people who were in that movie as stunt actors…

    • Jawbone

      You mean they ran a train on you.

  • player1


  • @WeBidSupport

    My god his hair it got so long kudos to him

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