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We’ve had a blast at Comic-Con this year so far and I have no real complaints (I had Jack Daniel’s for breakfast for Christ’s sake), but I can’t help but feel there is something missing. Where is that one girl who takes her cosplay to the next level? Last year that girl was Jessica Nigri. When that tanned, yellow Pikachu walked down the hall, you could feel the oxygen being sucked out of the room. Who will be that one memorable girl from Comic-con 2010 who rises above to claim her 15 minutes of internet fame? The crown is there for the taking. In the meantime, enjoy Jessica.

For the full gallery of sexy Jessica Nigri photos CLICK HERE.

  • jason

    boner achieved

  • thomes

    i was at comic-con when I saw her. it's pretty much how John described it, just a bunch of photographers and gawkers. she was cat's pajamas

  • mark baker


  • ⌘idl3mind

    I'd like to pok-her-mon

  • HellHath NoFury

    great body, but some confusion. Just because duckies are yellow and so is Pikachu, doesn't mean you should be ruining your cute face with that DUCKFACE!

  • Come with Lady Lu

    […] (pic) There's something missing from this year's Comic-Con (pic)Source: Jul […]

  • northerner

    Not bad. Not as pretty as HHNF, however. And that's not much of a duck face. More of a "scrunch" face…much better.

  • vince b

    i choose you pickach

  • jaycizzle

    hey i just saw this girl on G4 tv. she came to this years comic-con too.. she was interviewed by the host… this year she was in all white.. said she was dressed up as "morrigan" from darkstalkers. just as hot this year as last year.

  • jaycizzle

    holy crap.. everybody has a facebook fanpage nowadays.. just typed in her name on google and this came up.… .. this girl might be the queen of cosplay and looks like shes just gettin started.

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