Being a kid in the early 20th century looks….fun (24 Photos)

  • Dez

    Ah… the friendships, the smell of the pipe smoke and the satisfaction of a days pay for a days work, truely they happier carefree times..

    • beserker those naive ones, and a whole load of things to fix for us 🙂 since we now better

  • kingjoffyjaffa

    feckin piky's

  • someguy

    poor bastards..

    • Rega

      bet they're all dead too

  • dw55

    20th century winner of the worst century of all time

    • DaddyD

      Actually, all previous centuries were worse.

      • El Conquistador

        Not the 7th….dont forget that one!

    • weeble19223

      compared to the 19th century thats a cake walk!

    • dw55

      Dear smartass repliers your suggestions well be considered
      other than that who fukin gives a shit ,2 world wars millions and millions got killed that's very nasty to me and oh i forgot the 80's

      • FTW

        The 80's killed a lot more, mentally.
        Wait … I am born in the 80's ! Holy shit !

      • McBeastie

        I suppose the Dark Ages were awesome….nope, that's why they called 'em the Dark Ages because they sucked way harder than any other age.

  • nemesis

    Now I ask you, what did the Victorians ever do for us?

  • Benny

    looks more dirty than fun!

  • AJB

    Looks like those kids have jobs, Lucky Bastards! Times were much better back then.

  • BillyBlaze

    Even in black and white you can spot the gingers

    • Salporin

      Ha! Soulless gingers.

  • sha shizza

    #24 ive always wanted a shave like that.

  • Htownpunk

    These kids actually understood work ethic. I doubt any of the children in these pictures ever graduated some overpriced university and felt that they were immediately entitled to a 6 figure job and a window office in one of the local skyscrapers.

    • Hez26

      yea they definitely learned the value of hard work earlier than our generations. but to be fair, even for those who DID graduate from good universities a 6-figure job was……borderline impossible. if you could make it into the high teens you were doing something. $20k?..hello money bags! but seriously these kids valued the pennies we pass everyday. i respect them, but i'm glad i wasn't born then.

    • slayer of fools

      yeah, tuberculosis, small pox, cholera, being sold into servitude, being beaten by your master, 16 hour days, working down the coal mines from the age of four, being lucky to make it through childhood at all… totally worth your admiration.

  • Equalizer

    Kids back then are more fun without Facebook, Text and WOW

  • fonkeemonkee

    The kids in 3, 16 & 20 were mill scavengers. Look it up, sounds like a blast.

  • meme

    "You guys wanna play stickball?"


  • @rte148

    scalping sound like a great present for your 8th birthday

  • fourTWOzero

    i love that all these kids have pipes and cigs in their mouth shooting some craps….ahhh to be a kid again!

  • Thax

    Yea I Remember those time we had propper Illnesses like ricketts, smallpox, tuberculosis and measles! Great fun . . . NOT!!

  • workin_donkey

    Life today is so flippin' soft.

  • FTW

    #14 The kid on the left seems to have a sword of Damoclès over his head. This one gonna die in Normandie.

    #19 Look how terrified the man looks when he has to pass in front of those smoking pipes gangsta wearing shorts ! Gangsta were not douchbags back in the days.

  • Battle Angel

    #20 is a kid who works in a textile factory. These children were orphans who were adopted by the factory owners and forced to work. Those childen would have to crawl under the moving equipment to collect scraps which were nothing more than giant dust bunnies. The childrens hair would often get caught completely scalping the child. Few of these children made it to adulthood let alone in one piece.

  • rikooprate

    lazy bastards…

  • Elaine

    It doesn’t look like fun to me. It looks like child labour, underfed children, Inadequately clothed and questionable hygiene. Life was hard and much demanded of children. Most were expected to be working by their teens.

  • Robin

    Holy shitty existence Batman!!

  • AndreaFay

    Nothing like chimney sweep cancer, burns and accidental amputation!

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