Classic photography by Phillippe Halsman (25 Photos)

  • theseatoachisel

    Lucille Ball's face creeps me out more than Dali's anyday.

  • dw55

    few are fine, the rest of them are annoying to look at

  • T. Walsh

    any more shots he did of Marilyn?

  • Beau

    Is it just me or is #18 HOTTTTT!? I guess powerful women do it for me sometimes.

  • fourTWOzero

    I'm convinced Dali just wanted an excuse to throw cats around through the air….

    however that disco monkey doin the saturday night fever pose is pretty kick ass!!

    • Da Cuntstabber

      You know shit about shit don't you?

      • fourTWOzero

        i could teach you a thing or two about a thing or two!

        • Da Cuntstabber

          You do?
          Well come on. But not on the internet. Not with words. C'mon darling. I'll wait for you B)

          • fourTWOzero

            well since a verbal explanation would be too difficult i will use pictures instead…starting off with the one you use as your avatar….only a dick loving poser such as yourself would use that pic in order to gain attention in a sad attmept to be humorous….shit like that would get your ass kicked very quickly….not only by me but my plenty of other real americans….now go stab yourself in the face you cunt!

  • ranagraphic


  • Gyda

    Here are some questions:If ainels found our pictures do you think they would be fooled by photoshop?Do you think that if our pictures became antique collector’s items, photoshopped pictures would be devalued, like fake jewelery? And to this end- your pictures wouldn’t be as enjoyed as they are now. Interesting post, Lex ❤

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