Daily Afternoon Randomness (37 Photos)

  • Insert Name Here

    those xzibit posts are getting old

  • Nicnac

    11 ummmm isn't that kind of the point of Winnie the Pooh?

  • LiaMMV

    #24 – The End of History, a 55% abv beer from the Brew Dog microbrewery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Oh so proud of my boys.

  • azralaya

    #25 made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

  • P-90

    #2 Erm…..no, no it's not.!
    #18 Cctogen Prime.
    #21 Hahahah genius!.

  • sippinator94

    Dear Nike Girl:

    My dick, is hard. Like the letter L. Only the "L" is lowercase, and round. So really, it is a bubble "L". But do not worry, if you sit on it, it will not pop. Ten-thousand lunges seems like a lot, but you need to do ten-thousand more, so instead of that lowercase c, you can have an uppercase C. If you don't mind, I would like your butt to be a space heater to my wang. Albeit, your butt is not a Border Collie, it is a great dane. A very big, very nice, Great Dane. I may not be scorning your butt, but I would still like to kiss it. A lot. Your butt is big, and it is nice.

  • markkens

    There's a whole lotta WTF around here today…

  • Libertariandude

    #14 is guaranteed to give me nightmares tonight

  • Nateb123

    The fact that a girl reading 26 is so self-conscious about her own similarly-shaped ass that she sympathizes with the ad is pretty laughable. Have some self-esteem. Skinny bitches are gross anyways.

  • Guest

    Ah #22, grew up about 15 minutes from that place. Gotta love Newfoundland and crazy place-names.

  • bob

    and that’s why i love helicopters

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/CPO_Mendez CPO_Mendez

    #24 I don't care if the bottle creeps me out. If I had Thousands of dollars to waste on single beers, I would definitely buy one of those 55% alc/vol monstrosities!

  • LiaMMV

    Confused as to why #36 is considered chiveworthy.

  • Brendan

    Embassador is the same as Ambassador, it's just not used in American English.

  • Brandon

    One does not simply log on to Mordor.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury


  • osborl12

    Saw #37 and then visited #26

    • osborl12

      * visited #27

  • northerner

    #37, Um….er….ah….whew! Sure got hot in here….

  • A.J.

    so, 21 seems prettay accurate until the 2nd post where someone doesn't understand obama did nothing. like employ the free japanese sea vessels that were supplied by JAPAN. because, you know, they like us and all. But you know,w ahtever. Fuck that dickhead. he's a worthless piece of shit. yay for free speech that actually mean ssomething in this nation!

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