It’s Monday, Chivers, have some breakfast (18 Photos)

  • paul

    the heart attack was worth it

  • zip

    If you make the bacon first, you don't need butter for the egg-fried toast. You know, for the health conscious chiver….

    • Samway Bergamot


  • Navjeet

    this looks soo good…and unhealthy 😦

  • Phreaky

    So ridiculously unnecessary. You could have 2 eggs fried and 2 pieces of bread pan toasted in the time it would take to tear the center of the bread out of those and slow cook eggs in the hole. Plus the middle of your sandwich won't fall apart when you get to the part with no bread.

    • McBeastie

      Thanks Martha.

  • Neo

    My jaw was open the whole time…. How gross was that!!!!

  • Anon

    To cut the hole in the bread all you have to do is take a glass/cup and use it as a cookie cutter and it is actually much easier to cook the egg because it is confined.

  • fnaah

    revolting. 😦

    • Nateb123

      It's just a fried egg sandwich with cheese and bacon. What the hell do they eat for breakfast where you live?

  • Nagrom

    Hmmm cholesterol.





  • chuckaluck

    i'm drunk as shit and everything is closed. that was painful to keep scrolling

  • Christophe Zehnder


  • dw55

    whoever did it he is single,……………………… i miss those days

  • jEDROL

    The Chive starts to suck badly…

    What's next, picture guide of how to use a mop?

    • Zoob

      What is a mop? REVEAL YOUR SECRETS.

      • jEDROL

        google this difficult word. It will open your eyes, mate. Your horizons will expand and your life will become fuller…

  • Sizzle

    I'm at work right now. I could reeeeally go for a bacon and egg sammich. Now I'm sad because I can't have one. THANKS, Chive. 😛

  • lloydinmanchester

    did someone seriously just give advice on how to make ahole in the bread?

    touche, but the yolk needs to be runny imho

  • fplin

    *`ˉ) *`ˉ)
    .?`ˉ .?`ˉ) .?*`ˉ)
    (_.?` (_.? . ..?`
    . . . . . . .(_.?*`ˉ`*?.->

  • X-nun

    I belive this is a modified version of what has traditionaly been called a chicken in a basket. Using a glass to make the hole is much better. My dad used to make the simple version (1 layer, real cheddar and bacon cooked seperate) for us when we were kids. And you always cook the bacon first so you dont waste any of the delicious bacon flavor!

    • MichaelGS

      im with you there buddy. we called them bird in the nest but the principle was the same. I still make them when i want to test the strenght of my arteries 😀

  • @rte148

    Smart Balance? What, are you like 50 years old or something?

  • sammmy

    The best part would be the delicious flavor of the melted styrofoam plate on the sammy in the last pic. eeeww.

    I've heard them called "Spit-in-the-eye eggs".

  • ms thang

    my grandmother used to make this she used to call it a gashouse egg. but only one pc of toast with an egg- not a grilled cheese sandwich loaded in bacon..

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Ahh…The smart balance buttery spread cleans this whole mess up a bit…. Im a veggie WTF do i know….

  • markkens

    I was doin' OK until the "flip everything over" part…then I started wishing for an Al Sharpton (fried chicken and waffle).

  • Insert Name Here

    this is something I would pay good money for

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    And for lunch, a double down

  • Anonynomnom

    That looks SO delicious! Damn I'm hungry now! Gonna try this first chance I get this weekend. 😀

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