These mail order brides got returned to sender (29 Photos)

They're called 'Second Chance Sweethearts'. These are the mail-order brides that, for whatever reason, got returned to their homeland. Now they want a second chance. I mean, do you get a discount? Would you add any of these gals to cart?

  • john

    so… are they half price?

  • Kate91

    22/23 is the only girl i wouldn't have returned. the rest of them can't even cover up their ugly with makeup and airbrushing!

  • What do I know?

    Why would anyone go to the trouble and expense of getting a mail-order bride when there are plenty of bitches here to use up and return to sender? I mean, I'm not going to have a Subway in Russia mail me a sandwich when I can just go down the street to get one.

  • Arty

    reallly wish we could find the reason for them being sent back..

  • shanna

    air brushing 😉 these girls dont really look like this, I have a friend who helps chicks out on dating sites its all a scam…i do feel sorry for these woman having to sell themselves for a better life 😦 not cool & allot of these woman are treated like sh*t becoz they hav no choice….so even if they are stunning, they are not allowed an opinion or personality & soon as they disagree to something they are concidered "out of control" and sent back…..oh and the fact that some dnt admit to being in a gazzilion porno's <- which also becomes a problem for the guys

  • Stlrzfan

    The St. Petersburg house of discreet pleasure may give them a 2nd chance. Ask for Svetlana. Except for #20. She can call me.

  • Daemian

    #23 Is none other than Porn Star Teagan Presley…. if you want to send her somewhere, send her to ME!!!

    • Da Cuntstabber

      It's not Teagan man but you're right she fucking rules!

  • adam

    pretty sure 27 has track marks

  • Jerkee

    All of those websites are pimp scams. A coworker is on a Ukranian website and this model chick who converses with him.. He sends her 250 dollar "gifts " of roses, and she sends him a picture and a note saying how much she loves them, the funny thing is if you cruise the site you see tons of the models with the same bouquet or roses. What a maroon. These girls are getting rich of lonely suckers here with delusions about who they can get.

  • blah

    DON'T DO IT! I'm married to a Russian (no mail order in this case.. I think..) and they're ALL like Jackie from that 70's show (who is actually Russian in real life). No wonder they get returned. Unless you like that kinda thing, well then FYL.

  • Francesco


  • KFA

    You guys are all idiots. The reason they were returned was because they couldn't face getting it on with the guy who was so desperate and ugly that he had to resort to BUYING A WIFE. Duh…poor girls decided life in Russia is better than having to fake attraction for the rest of their lives.

  • chris

    I have dated several Eastern Euro women….

    There is something in the water that makes them all as nuts as they are hot. Seriously, they are all cycos. Known fact.

  • Greta

    #10 has really creepy fat hands

  • Da Sandman

    why send some of these girls back..? °_O

  • Jawbone

    I can not even fathom the mental impairment that these bitches have. They decided that someone owning that pussy is a good enough trade to be allowed to come to America.

    • Tim Burr

      And I say bless the little pigs. They need love. Might as well get wsomething for it. You're gonna pay a woman one way or another. Might as well get to shop.

  • HairyBalsaki

    In my best Borat…Very nice. How much?

  • Johnniringo

    I get the impression that #5 has literally ripped out a man's heart, eaten it and felt nothing while doing it. I'll bet she uses entrails for a jump-rope.

  • Paul

    Who the hell would send #12 and #22 home? I'll take 'em. XD

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