Larissa Riquelme (World Cup cell-phone-cleavage-chick) dominates a bikini (11 HQ photos)

  • Philip B.Crockett

    The mole isn't very flattering but wouldn't be a deal breaker.The deal breaker would be that shes shaped like a boy with two fake cantaloupes running from each other on her chest.Eat a sandwich already Wake up people stop fantasizing about women that look like 14 yr old boys .Real men are looking or listening to you thinking HM of PF.If you haven't slept with more than 100 women then your no expert and your op-ion is like an A$$ #ole every inadequate man has one. Most porn and most wife's and some girl friends, have some meat on them so enjoy what you can get…and stop letting Gay men set the standard of beauty.Cause think about it, why should they have your best interest in mind, when they're setting the standard to witch we subscribe ,consider that they want men,so they compete against women.What better way to compete than to get young girls to buy into looking like young boys.Ruining girls self esteem by starving themselves and making them hate being healthy.

  • Tonsil Wrecker

    I would eat dogshit off of her mole and enjoy it

  • Vij

    why are you getting hyper. Just enjoy what is there a good butt. Cleavage to hold a phone.

  • bob

    every now and then some grumpy dude gets all bent out of shape and makes a lewd comment… not the hottest ever… very true…. but those are boobs (i like boobs)… and that's a very fine ass… and I'll but $100 dollars on it that she's got one of those lovely holes right there between her legs that i like so very much. 🙂

  • @AlexForce

    The best from 2010 World Cup! 😉

  • Mark


  • Jose R.

    Dang Phil,
    Spending too much time staring at 14 yr old boys, huh?
    Never saw the point of your rant.
    She's very attractive as most of the beautiful women posted on Chive.
    Seems to me your mind is wandering, get a grip man!

  • eretledyday

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