Russian high school graduation is um… you be the judge (27 Photos)

Last year we bought you photos of a high school graduation in Russia. It turned out to be quite an explosive post because the Russian idea of graduation seems to end in the town fountain. Anyway, enjoy...

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    I'll stick with the hometeam…. USA

  • grob

    When is the next one and how do I get there?????????????

  • radiodial

    Thank goodness they are not all tat'd up like the sleezettes we produce here in the US nowadays…


    #11 2 in the pink 1 in the stink…………………………you go gangsta

  • Miasma133

    Do I get +1000 internets for realizing that pic #2 is the same chick as this one?

  • asadsadasd

    wow… NONE of them are obese… in my school most of the kids are fucking fat!

  • omg


  • boogers

    Love it!

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  • @100window

    Shame they're all douche bags

  • Danny

    I don’t remember the girls looking like this when I was in high school

    #27 for the win! 🙂

  • why?

    The chive is hard up finding new content? this is a repost from at least a year ago

  • Brie

    Yikes… Why do most of these High-School girls all have faces like 40 year olds?

  • SB in Houston

    Half will become fat and ugly. The other half will show up on the Russian mail order brides websites xD

  • steve

    this makes me wish we had lost the cold war a little

  • I <3 Russian Sluts

    I can think of at least 37 illegal acts i would have done in russia on that day…..

  • Thomas

    Damn, I totally grew up in the wrong country. They're legal now, right? 😛

  • Daniel

    so… i just asked my russian friend and apparently in russian is customary that when they graduate from highschool they dress up like little girls and jump in a fountain.
    You gotta love russian girls 🙂

  • nart

    now we know from where they start to have the worlds nomber one whores 🙂

  • snakraus

    So I'm going along "Okay, so they don't share the US tradition of wearing robes, naturally (especially at larger schools) the dresses of many of the girls are going to be edgy/flattering, like any homecoming, prom, or similar occasion here" …went a little farther… "yeah, makes sense"
    Down, like halfway or whatever, I was mostly scrolling and looking at my screen listening to my roommate, then it occured to me – "WAIT! Wet t-shirt contest? What?!"

  • justaguy

    #2 and #15 are both amazingly hot. Wow..the things I would do to them!

  • @YoungCosby

    I saw the pics and thought that it was New Jersey lol

  • Philyhawk

    I guess I never thought about it, but mail order brides do have to come from somewhere, right?

  • Kang


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