That’s one way to get around I guess (27 Photos)

  • Todd

    #14 part of the LHC? 😉

  • dan

    What's wrong with 24?

    • sebo

      yeah its a goddamn city train in vienna haha.. i was wondering the same ^^

      • Gigantico

        me too

  • Gene

    #5 – My Grandfather designed this. It's a jet engine strapped to truck designed to clean snow / leaves from streets. It was in the town of Vilyuysk Russia.

    • miscellaneous

      worlds largest leaf blower … call Guinness, ftw!

  • Buffet

    Where an I buy a #22? Anyone know what it's called?

    • Cody

      its actually called the Cadillac WTF (World Thorium Fuel). Dead serious. It's obviously a concept car, but I don't think they'll end up producing it. But if you just google Cadillac WTF, you can find more info.

  • Buffet



    The Badonkadonk should be here

  • Penelope

    27 lol

  • scooter

    #17 Seen on Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson driving it! Drove into an elevator and then hit a problem, no reverse so someone had to drag him out.

    • Rick


  • Morenaje

    Is anyone else ecniriepxeng severe instability in the Windows Phone design surface since the last round of Microsoft Updates? I’ve been getting very frequent designer crashes. Most of the time it just claims it can’t load some assembly (there are several, it varies). Occasionally the whole VS IDE dies. Sometimes click-to-reload works. Generally, recompiling then clicking to reload is more successful. It’s usable, but only if you have a lot of patience. I don’t believe this is specific to my computer as it happened at home and at work, and one of these is 64 bit Win7Ult, and the other is 32-bit Win7Ult (it’s an elderly notebook), and in both cases the problems started right after updates forced a reboot.

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