• tyler

    rflmao… AWESOME

  • MARK

    yep, she wins.

  • toby

    I see our Chive overloards have finally allowed the word 'fuck' to go in the comments without moderation.
    perfect timing because I'd like to fuck her into next thursday

  • tom b

    some girls make a mean sammich, this one makes mutherfucking lasagna

  • chrisdg74

    Does she have a sister?

    • keithp420

      does she have a mother?


        does she have a grand-mother …. me play naked bingo lol GO HABS GO

    • LiaMMV

      Does she have standards?

    • dw55

      you desperately need a gf now

      • chrisdg74

        That's what I keep telling my wife. She won't go for it, though.

        • dw55

          sorry , my mistake i was talking to the one who has a thing for the granny

          • its_forge

            How do you know he's not 65?

  • Kjellupa

    She's a keeper

  • Darksoul

    Then he told us he wrote the note, ordered the lasagna and pull the image from facebook or some other place…awesome either way.

    • Nateb123

      I've never had a girlfriend that doesn't write notes like that. Who the hell are the rest of you dating???

  • ACfromCanada

    What she has they call "spunk", this girl has plenty of it, and she is cute too. Love her look, totally my type. Lucky dude whoever has her.

    • Correction Man

      No, "spunk" is what she'll have on her face.

    • unfairrobot

      A girl can never have too much spunk… though, actually, some of that bukkake shit makes me wonder.

  • someguy

    nothing special here. How was the Lasagna ?

  • j12goose

    Ummmmmmm…….Honey, I'll take a little go at "or something"…………It'll only hurt for the first minute or so.

  • ATT

    You guys have become quite the reddit re-posters lately

    • sandy jane

      maybe you should head back to reddit

    • shane

      did it ever occur to you that there are literally millions of people who don't go to reddit that might like to see this.

      welcome to the chive, dude, now get the fuck out of here.

      • Raphael

        WTF is a reddit

    • DeMonikk1

      Because we all know reddit is just the bestest site in the world and EVERYONE goes there…

    • Bear6

      why you hating bro. the chive clearly trumps all these other gay ass sites… im sure reddit post gay guy pic albums… and i have no proof of this cause reddit is gay and i wont even google it!

    • Big Bob

      It's just amazing how other sites, like reddit, have 100% ALL ORIGINAL content! I'm sure those sites have never used pictures found elsewhere on the net right? Who really gives a rat's ass where these pics come from? The fact is, we all got to see them and that's all that counts.

    • its_forge


  • anon

    Is this really that great? I do this kind of stuff all the time.

    • Raphael

      Baby, what are you doing on Chive? You're supposed to be at work

  • mattythegooch

    Hahahahaha!! Fuck her face after she's done with pizza.

  • Bear6

    what am i doing wrong… jesus!

  • sha shizza

    i demand a better picture.

  • s4neman

    awesome awesome awesome.

  • dirtybobby

    it would have been even better if she took the lasagna and actually made him some lasagne.. still, given the circumstances, i'd let her off..

  • Bud Ugly

    Work out… fuck her face… same thing 🙂

  • Jonathan

    What isn't mentioned is that note is probably a daily occurrence and he's sick as shit of having to tell her "yes I read your note". "yes, thanks for the lasagna… AGAIN". and "I didn't have time to call you and thank you because i was busy trying to have a life before you get home".

    …insecure bitch.

    • Nateb123

      Johnathan has now admitted to his parents that he's gay and hates women.

    • johnny rotten

      this is why you're not fucking chicks faces

    • HellHath NoFury

      I'm sorry your woman is a fat, ugly nag.

  • Olcowboy

    Being an old dude now living my life vicariously through the eyes, ears and somtimes thoughtful insights of you young dudes, I have to remind myself everytime one of these posts sends me reminiscing about the "good old days" and the hot babes we could nail without condoms because we didn't worry about anything more than a couple of shots in the hip….somehwere, there's a guy that's tired of putting up with her shit…no matter how well she prints.

    • Big Bob

      AIDS has been around since the early 80's, almost 30 years now. Herpes has been around for 2000+ years and that crap can't be cured! How freakin' old are you?

    • Pete T

      I hope I die before I get old.

  • @aleksandur

    lasagna? again?

  • fourTWOzero

    i'll give her a protein bar in her bottom!!!!

  • Confused

    That's one excellent girlfriend

  • dw55

    a friend "girl" told me that the letter was written by a dude who is totally wasted , though I'll just keep dreaming that i meet someone like her

  • Booya

    What's up with that door in the background? I also cannot look at this chick without seeing Michael Jackson for some reason…o.0

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