Good Ol’ fashioned fun for your midweek crisis (30 Photos)

  • Duh

    Anyone sayin' first is a Douchebag!!!

    • Bonne Homme

      You just said it. Douchebag.

      • Duh

        You just didn't get it Douchebag.

    • Dam

      You just did, so that makes you a……

  • tom

    Dear Chive, FUUUUCK OFFFF with your auto playing video ads. Thanks, Tom

    • Clickawhat

      AGREED ! I'm a fan of Dirty Jobs and Mike Rowe, but STFU !

    • TheRealSnowman

      What ads?
      (HINT: Get a better browser)

      • tom

        I got Chrome, it's good enough at stopping pop ups but not shitty video ads

        • Cooper

          ….I NEVER see these ads of which you speak and I have chrome…

      • Confused

        never seen one of these video ad's try firefox that's what i have

    • Randy

      One word for you: AdBlock Plus

    • its_forge

      Dear Tom: Firefox + AdBlock Plus + NoScript + Flashblock, no ads, none, anywhere. Woot!

      • yup

        But that's not good for cost free sites such as the Chive, since the ad hits from the Chive will decrease. But if it's a pop-up or plays sound automatically (anyone remember Mass Effect 2 ad on various sites?) I agree, they are annoying as hell.

        • its_forge

          Well I'm okay with *static* ads and hot links to sponsors; it's the moving ones, the ones that fly right into the middle of the picture of the girl in her underwear uh, I mean whatever you're looking at, and ESPECIALLY!! The ones where you roll OVER them and they pop out an ad that covers 2/3 of the page and won't go away, THOSE are why I run Adblock and Noscript and Flashblock.

  • I'msoclever

    what does 24 say, the watermark is covering it

    • SlickWillie


  • Lobster Rage Fist

    I need to find Waldo (Or Wally as we call him in the UK). Anyone got any ideas?

    • captain obvious

      google maps

      • Lobster Rage Fist

        Doh… and here was me looking out the window. Thanks for the heads up captain.

        • Robben

          It's not yet on google maps. So you have to wait for an update!

  • chrisdg74

    #16 WTF?!?!?
    #25 – I believe that's referred to as a woman's prerogative.

    • AzAc234

      and I believe your buddies would refer to you as pussy whipped for saying something like that

      • chrisdg74

        You have that backwards. I am the whipp-er, not whipp-ee. Just ask your mother. Oh wait, her mouth is full.

        • AzAc234

          I'm a test tube baby, needle dick !

          • chrisdg74

            Sucks to be you.

  • Andy

    i want that Cookie Monster shirt

  • Pat

    # 24 FTW!
    # 23 is a close second

  • Anonymous

    #28 – Your day was bad, but your spelling is worse.

  • nick ranere

    where do you get that tee shirt in photo 27

  • Bob

    Need sauce on the Cookie Monster t-shirt on #27

  • mattythegooch

    I'm going camping in your GIANT snatch.

  • mattythegooch

    shoulda been "aborted".

  • P-90

    I'd like to apply #1 to #16.

    • Robbo

      Now why would you want to punch an ugly girl with a light moustache

    • fourTWOzero

      no just punch it when it is looking….and instead of the neck just got for breaking the nose

  • tyquan

    #8 – Loving it. Mario killed the Ninja Turtles, LOL.
    And yes, #11 is the greatest CD Player ever…

  • Randy

    #26… Real gun, fake cow?

  • Nobody

    #12- Building is southeast of 4th and Maple in Vancouver, but Waldo is not shown on Google Earth.

    • Nateb123

      Wow, I just got a job on the opposite side of the street. Who knew there was a massive Waldo on the roof of Zulu Records?

  • TheHotGirlUInPic21

    Love that Mario killed the ninja turtles, but my first thought was "Why the fuck is Jason Vorhees there?"

    (I now of course realise it was Casey Jones, with the wrong type of mask… it should be square jawed)

  • schango

    11: WTF is a CD Player?

    that was posted here before and it was a computer, one kick ass computer.

  • johnny rotten

    26 ftw

  • MrWendal00

    #17 jai ho?

  • Maeflower

    #5 was taken at ALL GOOD music festival 2010 at Marvins Mountaintop in Masontown Wv… I was there and I saw this guy.. awesome time… if you ever get a chance to go this is a really great festival.

  • Beldar

    I'd like to think in #4, that she's removing the tray, and plans on staying in that position for a while.

  • -exposter

    the comments section sucks, I prefer to read a few firsts than this crap

  • dtriz

    #10 Hey, Miley could be the next WWE girl!

  • Adrian

    Going to be getting my kit for #30 in a year… Ultima GTRs the worlds fastest and most inexpensive supercar in the world. You can build one engine and all for only about 45k.

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