Hotel Costa Verde 727 (9 HQ photos)

Located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, the Hotel Costa Verda refurbished a Boeing 727 and built a luxury hotel room within it's fuselage.
Check out their website to learn more about this crazy suite.

  • jooba

    first!-jooba =]

  • dw55

    lets crash in that hotel………………. oh wait f***

  • Brah

    That is the most awesome thing I've seen all week. I want to live there so badly now.

  • Sarah

    Wow…. it doesn't look like it crashed so how'd they get it there….

  • phoiue

    sweet idea but it was really poorly furbished

  • Edward

    Right there is a perfect example of making the most of something that has no modern use. Brilliant!

  • Bar in Seattle

    We stayed at the Costa Verde last time we were in Manuel Antonio. Awesome little place. The suite pictured is actually not located at the main hotel. We highly recommend the Costa Verde.

  • Dan

    Manuel Antonio is gorgeous. When I was there a monkey stole this girl's lunch right out of her hand, then her bf tried to get it back and he had a tug-of-war with this little monkey. The monkey won. It was totally awesome.

  • Robert Logan

    Fuck I live in Costa Rica and gone to manuel antonio several times and I had no idea this existed( its about two hours from my house).This is my first comment, cheers from Costa Rica ; )

  • northerner

    Wow, love it. Awesome paneling! Wonder if the tail engine still runs…wish I had the money to do something like that in the Colorado Mountains. Yeah!

  • Sugreev2001

    I want to go to there

    • Dave

      I have been there and the manager was kind enough to give us a tour.
      It was disassembled and brought in by truck and then reassembled.

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  • James Dillon

    I wouldn't be surprised if the place needed some specialist maintenance crew. I doubt the usual people would now much about keeping a place with a jet built into it in top shape.

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