Photographer takes beautiful photos of random strangers (21 Photos)

These people are not models. None of these photos were taken in a studio. I'd seen a bunch of these stunning portraits floating around the internet the past couple weeks. Thanks to one of our Chivers, we can tell you that this is the work of photographer Danny Santos. Check out his amazing work here.

  • nick

    the first pic and the third

  • C-man

    Danny, your photos rule! Thanks for the info about which ones weren't yours, but it was kind of obvious. Your pics are all natural women with little or no make up, and the add-ins are make up laden. Your are much better.

  • F-oo

    1, 3, 9, and 20 are the best.

  • kpsurf

    Freckles are soooooo sexy!


    No duck face is a good face

  • Fly

    Just look at the eyes, now the hair, then to the eyes again.

  • JJ Abrams

    The first girl is beautiful.

  • AndyC

    Nice gals but all posed, mostly telephoto, simple formula, nothing random at all

  • niceguyted

    So you just walk up to a chick and be like "can I take your picture?"?

  • Anonguy

    # 3 is ugly in comparison to the rest, note that I said in comparison before thumbing me down for being rude and mean D:

  • emme

    not terribly good photographs and all of girl…hmmm…typical. put a good looking person into a bad photograph and you have 'good photography"…not. how about some originality.

  • john

    # 21 is my favorite i like her freckles.

  • reesty

    i love a girl with a pretty face.

  • Maynard B

    Mr. Santos sure does have a good eye for the "hot and natural" look.

  • Malachi Constant

    8 & 16 are fierce!

  • bubba louie

    Um … excuse me, guys, but the only thing special about these photographs is the subjects. As "art" – as photographs – they're not really exciting or unusual at all. Anybody can take a shot of a beautiful young girl and it will look good.

  • Benaton.

    So, he's got an f/1.4 and gotten girls to look at his camera. big woop. theres about two good original photo's here.

  • @narog84

    #7 robot from the future


    Photographer takes beautiful photos of random strangers 21 photos.. Not so bad 🙂

  • Wesley Dabney


  • Tonycdrive

    Number 20 is the prettiest! #11 comes in 2nd. And #17 is 3rd.

  • @natsumi4ever23

    i like the photos it came out beautiful

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