The beach from 1900-1920…sexy if you’re into things that aren’t sexy (40 Photos)

  • Sharktopus

    I rubbed two out before I hit the last pic.

  • KatieSutton

    #18 Is sexy.
    'Nuff said.

  • La playa 1900-1920

    […] La playa 1900-1920…  por locadio hace 2 segundos […]

  • MrWendal00

    wow its awesome to see all those black people where allowed on the beach back then…….
    …..hurray for 1920's integration.

    • aaaaaaa

      You don't see many on the beach today, black people hate the water.

    • racist

      hey #17s legs are black

  • dw55

    thank god for bikinis

    • top dog

      Thank god for evolution…

  • Boredat2am

    well… at least the girls were already shaving! and on # 23, douchebags already roamed the beaches…

  • Zoey

    Why are there 2 milkmen in #7??

    • DrJSD

      Soda jerks obviously. People needed to have sugary treats on the beach back then.

  • Robert

    #4, is that a floating scrabble board?

  • Jake

    You see that one girls ankle…. hot damnnn!!

  • Gutterville

    girl in pic 14 has big tits thats all I saw

  • BWR

    Guys back them must have been thinking "Damn, I'd like to hit that."

  • The Dude

    #14 has lower back problems now

  • Brandon

    Must be hot as balls wearing a full dark suit on the beach.

  • Mwuah

    #16: And here I thought homosexuality was a new trend. Proved me wrong. lol

  • Eliopolos

    #23 and 24… There's a beach in Washington DC??

    • Pikachewbacca

      That's what I was thinking. I've lived in DC my entire life and can't even think of where these pictures could have been taken.

  • Jya

    #18 is from the 50's :/

  • evorgsumaf

    #14 had nice tits.

  • Duane

    Try to find one fat kid in all these pictures. They did something right in the 20’s!

    • MJ81

      Gave children very little food?
      Didn't have children's rights?

  • marshall

    Ah wool swimsuits, will they ever bring those back?

  • bab

    notice, not one person is obese

    • greenerblues

      except for the shim in pic 16

    • Amee

      Yeah,but I bet if half of those woman where in bikini's you would be calling them fat!

    • MJ81

      Because people worked 12-14hr 6 day a week shifts. Earning little and not having 1/10th of the choices we have now in stores.

      2 types of bread, 1 type of milk, 1 type of butter.

  • fourTWOzero

    wow….jersey shore sure has changed!!

  • garp

    …it's a well known fact that too much skin exposure in the 20s for women brought on a bad case of the vapours

  • lime

    16 – a dude and a baby. What's it look like?

    30 – George Costanza sneaked his way into another beach picture!

  • debbie downer

    most of these people are dead.

  • dino

    look at all those shoebeez

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