Criminal facial composit sketch compared to actual photos (13 photos)

  • Anon

    number 10 could definetly be a Baldwin…

  • dan

    Timothy McVeigh looks like eminem

  • T. Walsh

    these sketches are shit. theres no way they made arrests off of most of these.

  • Suze

    #10 looks like the toy where you use the little wand to move around the metal "hair." God these are rediculous! were they using etch a sketches?? Lopsided heads, anyone?!

  • china

    number 4, 8 = SUPER FAIL!!


    8,10,11, and 13 are not even close -_-

  • TCA

    #9 – Lou Reed

  • spanky mcfartpants

    4 is richard speck

    • spanky mcfartpants

      correction #5

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