Gifs for a lazy Thursday

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  • chrisdg74

    Couldn't get past #7.

    • sippinator94
  • Brah

    Number 9, I salute you.

    • Norm

      That was fucking awesome. That little punk ass deserved that!



    • Caca

      Make that a double. What a little bitch. I hope the ass beating only got worse after that.

      • garp

        ….touche, you can tell the kid has had a bad day and that's the last straw goddamnit

  • Gutterville

    # 6 proves that cats are bitches

  • Gareth Mangini

    Number 6…
    "Hey… hey, hey… hey"
    "…fuck you"

    • A-Beezy

      what did the 5 fingers say to the face?


  • Chris

    Can't stop watching #9, awesome, anyone have a link to the video?

  • mattythegooch

    #5 – Thornton Melon does not approve of your weak ass attempt at the Triple Lindy!!

  • -standard

    #8 his audition for WWE went rather well

  • Ryan

    #6 and #9 = owned!

  • Kuban8r

    What movie is #10? is that Rudy?
    That would be an awesome gif to include any time you need an image that says "no"!

    what a douche

    • Choogar

      Encino Man

      • uberbrie

        Linkavich Chamoski…nice

        • Son of Dad

          "Robin wouldn't piss on your gums if your teeth were on fire."

  • spott

    #9 looks like Bobby Hill in highschool.

  • BenDover

    What's up with 4?
    I don't get it.. Getting wild like that = fun or fail?

    • Pundit

      it was from a seattle mariners game a couple of weeks ago. Ichiro went for a foul ball and pummeled her face with his glove (didnt make the catch) and after a moment of shock about getting hit in the face, she started to freak out over ichiro touching her……

    • Funtastic

      what a retard. they should cut it short and just make a gif of the old man who pops his head in at the end (bottom right corner)

  • Sauru

    i would love to see the full video of #9.

    • CPO_Mendez

      Kids were picking on him for a long time. He finally clocked the main bully and dropped him. They stopped picking on him after that. lol

  • CPO_Mendez

    #6 Is adorable!

  • HellHath NoFury

    Cats are the devil, and people that like them are harboring evil.
    9-why is it always some scrawny little bitch and his scrawny little cronies picking on someone, like a pack of wild chihauhaus. I'm glad he taught that asshole some respect. Knowing PC, he probably got in trouble, though. Fuuuu

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Um, I love you, but I will defend cats to the death! Best get out your poking stick, cuz it's on!!!! :p

    • @100window

      that would have nothing to do with PC… PC is about race, sexuality, religion and gender… not punching dick heads in the mouth.

      • HellHath NoFury

        PC says that bullies are just victims of their surroundings, you should never discipline them, correct them or tel them they're gonna get beat with a stick. You should 'counsel' them. I've gotten suspended for white-on-white violence for FINALLY hitting this girl in the face after a year of constant torment. So yeah, $10 says the victim got in trouble.

        • bob

          yer bud…..sure

  • Justin

    #9 is full on win the lil Ass-head that threw the bottle cap the kid is probably scared shitless of him now

  • Justin


  • @100window

    #9 is the greatest thing I've ever seen… he does it all in one graceful, deadpan, melencholic movement.

  • Tony

    oh my god. i stared at #7 for atleast 20 minutes, fuck that is a good gif,

    oh and am i first?

    • sippinator94
  • Buffet

    The kid in #9 rocks. The chic in #4 is a retard. Calm down bitch.

  • zuko boss

    #10 is encino man, only the greatest Pauly Shore movie ever

    • PlainOldMe

      Are there any Pauly Shore movies that can be categorized as "great"? I think that great might be overstating it a bit.

  • sippinator94

    Dear People of the Chive:

    I present you with a video of #7.

    P.S. It is in slo-mo. 😉

  • Sugreev2001

    You had me at #7

  • lil slugger

    #11 is kinda hypnotic.. I wish I was able to go to space..

  • ydodonutshave2die

    #11 just asking for a photoshop

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