The Mirror of Memories by Tom Hussey (8 Photos)

This collection, titled 'Mirrors' was created by the talented Texas photographer Tom Hussey. It's quite beautiful and the idea of literally reflecting on our previous selves is a fantastic metaphor.

  • Jorge


    • Steph

      You're an idiot

      • kpsurf

        Full on idiot…I agree

  • dicknose

    i'll still bone the grandmas

    • Cialis

      grandpa's still got it

  • zahacy


  • Chris

    damn thats depressing

  • Todd

    I like the gallery… Makes my heart all warm in side… Besides the douche "First" posters….

  • Onur

    this is great wish i was young again 😦

  • The Dude

    Keeping it classy Chive. I like it

  • -standard

    #4 very clever

  • dean

    thats a new level of depressing

  • loveTHESEpics

    wow. im lost for words right now. Im 27 and i cant imagine what that mirror will shoe me when i get old. This is the first (and prob only) chive article/pics that made me feel something inside(besides lust for all the fien ass woman on this site)

  • fp dallas

    Looking back and remembering a great life should never be depressing…

    • Malachi COnstant

      well said! we are only human-

  • mirou

    I like it

  • maynard

    Well said fp dallas.
    I once heard my grandmother say, "It's not the getting old that bothers me. It's the loss of youth."

  • Hez26

    Kinda torn on this one. It's slightly depressing because it seems like they're reminded that their best years are behind them…..but then again it's a reflection of an accomplished and fulfilling life that should be celebrated. Surprisingly touching Chive, thanks

  • gozer

    I love this one!

  • kelly

    hell yeah it is 😦

    • Malachi Constant

      but still cool!

  • BigDingo

    Super cool post, really makes you relect (sorry) on life

  • Kate91

    this is great! #3 makes me really sad for some reason. :/

    • dkbales

      I hate to go philosophical on you, but I think the 'hidden story' on this one is the image in the mirror is writing the story (of her life). The person sitting in front of the mirror holds the completed (and closed) book. But the look of satisfaction is what causes the thought – 'will I be satisfied with my life at that time?'…

      CRAP CHIVE, more stupid things to laugh at (but thanks for some serious thoughts)

  • showtownman

    Woulda been better if more than half of the old folks actually looked like older versions of their "former selves."

  • CPO_Mendez

    These are extremely well done and beautiful. Really makes you think. Reflecting on your past is always time well spent. Whether it's about things you've done wrong or things that make you proud.

  • HellHath NoFury

    This is stunning. I've read the old-age poems, heard the stories and whatnot, but until you see it, it doesn't seem real. How strange to think that the 'old people' we know have had many amazing experiences, and would still be if their bodies hadn't aged.

  • Danny

    Wow, that was a great pic set and a novel idea too

  • ank

    Really great.

  • china

    wow this gallery is amazing

  • Buffet

    Thought – provoking. I admire the originality. As some who rarely, if ever, experiences fear, I find the images here somewhat frightening. To be robbed of one's appearence and vitality is chilling. Could this be the reason Daltry sang "Hope I die before I get old"??

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