NASA photography makes me feel inadequate (30 HQ Photos)

  • Dude_love

    First of the first

    • dw55

      The douchiest of the douchebags

    • @#$%!!

      Dude_love = DOUCHE_BAG

  • dw55

    Some say that Buzz Lightyear was the first to land on the moon. Now I believe

  • Darksoul

    How awkward it must be to get the daily fap up there in the space station.

    • Nateb123

      Oh god! Zero gravity spoog!! Don't let it touch meeeeee!

  • Mark


  • johnny rotten

    #10 upside down shower = win

  • Mike

    #8: Diamond Dave in space. LOL. Lee Roth.jpg

  • Michael Faehse

    Do they get TV up there?? something like AFN? i mean i get it off a satellite in the middle of the ocean.. it seems like they're definitely closer…

    • HellHath NoFury

      Oh, hi!

    • P-90

      I'm sure I read somewhere that the space station gets like an hour of TV a week sent to them somehow so they had to choose what they watched, they chose Stargate SG-1. (When it was still being made obviously)

  • jason88

    hahaha look at these loser americans! the russians have waaaaay better space program… first man in space, first space station (the us still doesn't have their own) + they are still doing it and NASA is giving up. Go russia!

    • King373

      One word…..Moon.

    • mikethecarpenter

      sure sure, and when you finally make it to the moon with a REAL man, oh and a few of the other planets, and send out a prod to deeper reaches of space, wait hold on we did all that game over Russia, game over. kinda puts in the mind "he didn't know he was beaten" . And one more thing, if the space program IS that good, and the county is that awesome, why are you reading the chive? don't you have your own? I say everyone we let him read the sight but watch him closely, in fact my big brother is kinda lonely. so jason from a free land, you may look at our hot girls surf our interwebs and i hope that you enjoy, but i have a big brother and he will be watching you…all the time….

      • jason88

        I'm not russian.. I just know how to pick a winner.

    • Homesteader

      Guys, most likely is this "Jason88" is just some kid trying to incite forum hate for pleasure…

      • Big Bob

        Nah, I think Jason is a bitter Russian guy who's ex decided she'd have a better life as a mail order bride that ends up on the Chive (and makes Andrew upset, for those that have been here a while).

        • Chapelle

          "Mars Bitches!"

    • youdummy

      If I lived in russia, I'd be trying to get the hell out there too. They're hoping to reenter somewhere over Wisconsin. You see any American mail order bride sites over there? Yeah, not so much.

    • Kent

      Um, the US landed a man on the moon. That by itself invalidates your argument.

      The US mapped the cosmos with the Hubble telescope. The US landed rovers on Mars, discovered water there, surveyed the outer planets and their moons etc… The US had the first asteroid interception with a probe.

      The US is basically 10-1 against the Russians right now. The Russians have never even sent a human outside of earth orbit and have never sent a probe outside of the asteroid belt and you think they're doing better than the US?

      You're a pretty good example of how anti-Americanism is a mental disorder. The US is such a fucking awesome country and that the people that bash the US literally have to resort to acts of mental retardation in order to do it.

      You mental midget.

      • Pshhh.

        The Us is a "fucking awesome country" Ok retard. Look at the state of your military, economy , government… then try to say that. You belive any shit that is fed to you. Open your eyes and think for your self.
        You must have pro america disorder… its much, much more serious.

  • Randy

    #11 look like lumberjacks, not astronauts.

    • HellHath NoFury

      they wear high heels, and panty hose, suspenders and a bar. They wish they were girlies, just like their dear mama.

  • nemesis

    Wait… inadequate because of the awesome photography or inadequate because of the huge rocket?

  • sha shizza

    # 9 and 15- haters gunna hate.

  • comedyofsodomy

    There's no sex in the space station.

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