Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • Firstly


    • HellHath NoFury

      oh,come ON, man! You get here f…f…before everyone else and all you say is, 'Awesome'?!
      How about: and then John flew off in the helicopter with thong chick as pilot, landed iton his private heli-pad, took his car to McDonalds and he drove it off a cliff while getting road-head and landed in the roof of a house, they made off on a cow while holding a machine gun and had mad crazy sex in space.

  • Tim

    #8 is getting old. Still funny, but old.

  • fable

    #13 thank you chive

    • bogeyy

      do you know her name?

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Chewy and super squirrel doing one thing and one thing only……Killing Nazi's….Making Aldo Raine proud

    • Major Pain

      That is what i saw yesterday on my way to work. You dont want to know where i work.

      • Beau

        I work at home, so on the way to work, I see all kinds of stuff on the internet.

  • robsterling

    #40 People are going to be congratulating that kid as they drive by! Way to go kid!

  • Phashun Pleece

    #45 – Why are you wearing your undershirt in a public place? Either flash the pecs or put on something presentable.

    • FTW

      And where the hell is Megan Fox ?!

      • its_forge

        Ugh, who CARES where Plasticface McMannequinass is.

  • Not again

    #43 FTW, She has her own helicopter, what more could you ask for?

    • MikeofLA

      more likely scenario: rich guy owns helicopter, gets hot chick (with a killer ass) to fly to awesome location with him. It never fails.

  • Dirtball

    #7, Never bring a rock to a tank contest.

  • j12goose

    #24 Ummmmm……Ma'am? Could you please pull that from both sides, not down……..That'd be much better.

  • HellHath NoFury

    I have unladylike words for whoever took down my harrowing account of John's adventures with Helicopter Girl. I guess 'first' was a better comment.
    *rides Big Wheel away, mumbling and twirling mustache*

  • Nahkasorsa

    # 22 my idol. Anyone else noticed that the Denise Milani is quite scary?

    • Beau

      There is a #22? I hit #21 and until I'm scrolled past it enough for my eyes to work again I'm past it. Darn.

  • Beau

    Wonder if he actually got into the movie?

  • bktscrambler

    Hey, chive, first you complain about the top 10 photos you get every day, and then you not only post one of them AGAIN, but you REPOSTED half of this gallery! Seriously, stop sucking. I want to see the same picture multiple times like I want to hear the same stupid joke over and over. Enough with the reposting of your own stuff.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Your user name speaks volumes about the kind of person you are: a shitty one.

  • Boilermaker Special

    CHIVERS! I need all of your help. The girl in #23, in the center, purple 2-piece. I believe I know her. I need to get this girls name. I believe I went to college with here. It was Purdue.

    • Vern - Chicago

      You lie. Only chicks with penises went to Purdue.

    • its_forge

      Beh, wha'dya want with that skinny shikseh


  • Kjellupa

    Douchebags, before there was Ed Hardy, they wore turtlenecks.

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  • sisky

    any name for the girl in #13

    • sisky


    • its_forge

      Yes, that name is Buhhhhhhhhhhhuhuhuhhhhh which is the only thing men can say whenever she's nearby so she just goes by that.

  • Bdrizzle

    #45 – – Patrick Dempsey was never in Transformers d-bag

    • Beka

      Still filming, genius.


    #43: ASS LIFT ?

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