Beauty contest…for TWINS! (16 photos)

  • the tech 2

    holy fucking forehead batman

  • its_forge

    Soooooooooooo why exactly do they have so many twins in Eastern Europe?

  • Penelope

    Omg…can we start a fund to buy them some food! Jesus Christ someone make those girls a sandwich!

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    If one wins…so does the other. 😀

  • scv

    #8, I'm gonna need some Redbull

  • Jake

    They would all look hot with an extra 15 pounds on them.

  • Insert Name Here


  • Equalizer

    #8 – you mean there's 4 of them!

  • Adam

    Some are WWwwaaayyy to least put some muscle on those frames. Looks like Miss Bulimia pagent..

  • Buffet

    They're all WAY too skinny. The one's in #11 look anorexic.

  • Bubbly

    They're waaaaaaaaay too skinny. That's just disgusting. Why promote anorexia and bulimia?

  • Nick Sumpter

    Ewwwww! Not one of them eats enough! Women are meant to have curves 😦

  • trucho

    Should seek the twin Davalos

  • Bar in Seattle

    #10 is a major win….

  • Ashleyville

    Gross, gross, and gross. #10 is the only one (or two) with potential. They look like white versions of Christina Milian. Hoooot!

  • saffer

    they made me feel hungry

  • mith

    Those two are nasty #16

  • Jacob Villalobos

    Someone feed these women please

  • BMW

    #1 #3 #10

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Nahue

    Some of those twins need something to eat, come on! not sexy but gross

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