Would you? (7 Photos)

  • rock reezy

    Let me just say something to the tools that say they wouldn’t or more like couldn’t bang this girl…strong legs, tight abs, tight pussy. They go together! Keep trying to fuck fat girls boys…leave the hard bodies to the men !!

  • brn1dwn

    #3 makes me want to… but i'd go about it carefully so I don't get snapped in half

  • pinky

    If her vagina feels anything like my hand, than we shouldn't have a problem.

  • sven

    need tush shot to be sure, but probs

  • goodboy

    I'm a bit out of shape ..but hers is one I'd love to be in!!!I'd do her quicker that Obama screwing up the U.S. economy!!!

  • Anonymous

    honestly would tap that


    i'd hit it and then decide if i would hit it ……….

  • tommy two times

    two times.

  • deathscythe257

    Yes, all night, even if im out of ammo.. over and over until she is satisfied

  • WaikikiWayne

    Not nice… that's my Mom

  • qjmw

    holy fuck yes

  • Sm00thM0nkey

    OH YEAH!!

  • Breckwood

    Till I couldn't doit anymore !!

  • chiveanatic

    Over and over and over again 🙂

  • bigdaddy

    Hell Yeah, I would!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cecil


  • me.

    She is scary sexy. I personally prefer brunettes with curves, but I would not push her out of bed. I doubt I could even if I wanted to, she would prolly break my arm if I tried… 😉

  • Jawbone

    No. But because of the Grandma face, not the body.

  • http://twitter.com/TN_Kenny @TN_Kenny


  • http://theflashingscotsman.com Lester

    In a heartbeat.

  • chethive

    Im surprised this even a question…of course!! look how perfect the body is, especially #3

  • rossy

    why wots the matter wae her of course id shag her shes better looking than those stick insects they call models

  • matt

    over and over and over again. Til she moaned like a wildebeast.

  • Eddie

    In a heartbeat.

  • michael

    over and over

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