Count your blessings… (16 photos)

theCHIVE is all about making you smile and getting you through your day. This post will not make you smile, laugh, or get you "excited", but I hope it does make you realize that no matter how bad your day is, you've got it pretty damn good.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    They're lucky! When *I* was young……

    (Ah, I can feel my place in Eternal Hell being prepared as I write)

  • Jaxk

    Where is this?

    • cheese

      NEW YORK

    • marveeezy

      choose any third world country in southeast asia and you will find many of these. In the philippines, rich people would throw out recyclables and my cousins and i would pick through these and sell them. We found some good shit too!! I once found an old Chicago Bulls ballcap that i still have that bring me back to earth when my american ego gets too big.

    • tommybhoy

      I think its the large rubbish dump in Manila, Philippines called Smokey Mountain.

      Going by the faces and a story a seen on BBC News a couple of months ago….looking at those kids 😀 breaks your heart 😥

      • tommybhoy

        that should read….kids being happy and smiling :D………..
        (just before the sick fucks catch on another meaning)

      • Lenin Glass


  • Bad investment

    wow and i thought my life was shit well at lest their smiling makes you think

  • JASON88


  • jason

    Don't send money. Send condoms.

    • James

      yea !should' have sent you dad condoms too !so u wouldnt be here to make stupid ass comments .

  • Benny

    tomorrow's spammers

  • derp de derp derp

    Behind the scenes, Mugatu workers, plannig for upcomine Derelicte show.

    • hater

      funny guy!! you should try going to south africa so you would get a dose of whats funny asshole

      • Kevrobmc

        Dickhead, I'm from Johannesburg and that can't nearly compare! South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa and if you only took your head out of your arse and did a bit of research you would see that we're not the banana republic you think we are!

  • Idiot on Internet

    How do I know they're looking for food? In the pictures, they're holding flowers and toys.

    In fact, I wish I had that toy car. Now I feel even worse because I think that kid is having a better day than I am 😦

    • 1234


  • anonymous

    Contrary to some comments, thank you chive for making me appreciate my life which I so often don't appreciate enough. This is better than looking at some eye candy I am more than most likely never ever going to even have the chance to talk let alone do more and has a more profound, longer, more efficient effect of making my day better by making me a better person than laughter due to a silly image. Thanks Chive, this makes me continue here!

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Suck it!

    • Nateb123

      That's great and all but I think you've ventured too far into self-righteousness. You sound like Bono.

  • eclipze

    pic 14 made me realize it could be from my dear country… the cloth the kid has on the head is called "longyi" , mostly worn in vietnam, myanmar, laos, india and bangladesh. .. looks like pics are from myanmar .. really sad

  • Whit Sampson

    War EAGLE!

    • winston002

      you know how i know that kid is an Auburn fan?

      hes got shit on his face and is digging through the trash.

      • lsutiger

        you know how i know you suck dick? your name is winston and you say dumb shit

      • James

        fuck you dick. grow a soul u piece of shit.

  • papsmir ribbon

    #8: Go War Eagles!

  • virginia

    Collateral damage of capitalism should be the caption of the series of photos.

    • sock puppet

      Hey genius, you misspelled 'communism'.

      • Nateb123

        Not very clever sock puppet. Not very clever at all…

        Not that virginia is any less of a douche.

      • @100window

        Ah yes the international power of communism. It has lasted so long and touched so many countries. Politics blah blah blah

        • George

          its not even a communist country . Its a democratic one coz its Philippines . So stop blaming it on the type of government they run. Its not Vietnam just trust me on this one. that place might be Smokey mountain or Payatas. Go look it up.

  • HellHath NoFury

    It makes me sad that so many people, innocent children included, are cold, tired, hungry, desperate. i couldn't imagine my child living like this. They're trying to better their lives, and it makes me happy to see the kids smiling even in their deplorable conditions. Kids always have hope, that's what makes them better than adults. i feel so useless just looking at this.

  • Leonardo

    This used to happen in Dublin twenty years ago before The Celtic Tiger sadly the way the shit has hit the fan around here it might happen again and the rich just keep getting richer

  • robin yates

    the clothing and headwear is more Vietnamese than Philippino

  • James

    Pretty sad stuff kinda made me remember when I was doing an outreach program. The guys trying to make jokes of the situations in these pictures,seriously aren't really funny . You guys should be funny somewhere else.I mean, does that shit they're doing look funny?? maybe I fail to see the "funny" in these pictures , but i just think the assholes that joke around in this kind of things should be more serious and sympathetic.

  • Buffet

    Thank you God for al my blessings. It's truly just another day in paradise for me.

  • Jacques

    ‘Cause I’m counting every lie

  • harold a.b.i

    i just show some of this pictures to my son because he says he doesnt want to eat his dinner. Now after watching this pictures i'm wandering what he thinks. Thank you for posting those pictures……

  • Christian

    these are all from the Philippines. they are looking fore things they might sell from mountains of garbages for them to be able to buy food.

  • VanIsleChiver

    …..and they can still muster a smile! Bless 'em!

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