• Douche Nozzle

    These pretzels are making me Firsty!

    • Ha.

      They also induce fail.

  • uberbrie

    that might just be the coolest waste of time ever

  • roger

    trust potheads

    • fourTWOzero

      just dont trust us with your stash!! 🙂

  • Methdealer

    Meth is an hell of a drug

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Can i bypass the glowsticks and just flush the raver???

  • Butters

    That was every bit as awesome as it was potentially toxic.

  • Robben

    "That's the greatest thing I've ever seen!"
    It's official, your life sucks

  • CPO_Mendez

    Best part, "Dude I know I'm not that high right now…"

  • Pdiddily

    glowsticks are non-toxic

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  • bktscrambler

    "dude, I totally want to take a shit in this toilet!"

  • AleXTC

    XTC is a hell of a drug

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  • fasterthanu

    "This is the best idea ever"


  • damn

    glad to know all that shit is in the water supply

  • Pants

    Damn, why have I never thought of doing this?

  • cranialfarting

    I cant even imagine how this must smell. I cut one open once and it smelt rancid. Also, they're hugely toxic. I might eat one and see what the shit looks like (if i dont die)

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