• Merovingian

    Chun-Li was my first crush 😛

    • UserName

      Until this picture where she shat on the wall behind her? FAIL!

  • tm6

    Guile with a comb and hairspray, u better start running

    • Brandon

      He's the next guest star on Jersey Shore.

  • fourTWOzero

    did Guile cut himself shaving?!?

  • JeremyJB

    The day I paused the game to see Chun-Li's underwear is the day I became a man.

  • Jay

    Now the Guile theme is once again stuck in my head.

    babadabadaaaaa bada babadabadaaaaa bada badababababadababa babadabadaaaaa

  • Kingpin

    Guile looks like a fuckin guido.

  • pufffdragon

    Looks like Chun-Li shat herself

  • Dewey

    Looks like Guile is buying his tanktops in the kids section. And is that an aerosol can on his belt?

  • Cris Ron

    i'd tap that #3

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