Celebrities have their problems too (16 Photos)

  • Steph

    Most of these, if not all, are from wearing high heels.

  • Penelope

    Yuck!….That's what high heels that don't fit will get you!

  • Buffet

    Those chics are all foul man.

  • MouseCA

    Chinese foot-binding modernized. What's next? Put hydrogen back in blimps?

  • ludača

    to ugly and to scary to be real…at least some of these photos

  • http://www.howmuchisanosejob.com/ Carisa

    OMG! Gross!!! I get it that we all have our "bad" parts, but my goodness…

  • http://jabbernowl.blogspot.com Dorkfish
  • 2XX

    And to think these women pay thousands of dollars for their shoes…

  • evorrielp

    MAPLE SHANON In a press statement issued a day before the news c DEBROAH

  • evorrielp

    LAURETTA GEORGIANNA gotten anyone pregnant, or if she’s terminated any KRISTY

  • Mean Joe

    Seriously not cool breaking this news to us. Total spoilers. Shame on you Chive.

  • frankie

    Victoria's feet are so beautiful…fucking sexy!!!

  • WTF

    Just wear some flats.

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